Tuesday, November 6, 2007


So last week Ryan went in for his semen analysis and everything came back perfect. The concentrate was 82 million sperms with 72% mobility. They all appeared to be healthy and of no concerns. He had some blood work done to rule out some genetic factors that are hereditary like Cystic Fibrosis. I did not know this but it is the #1 Caucasian hereditary disease passed on to your children.

I went in yesterday for blood work and had 7 viles of blood sent in for a number of testing. We will wait a week to have all the results come back. My next appointment will be on Monday, November 12 for a HSG test. They will inject a dye into my tubes and ovaries to make sure they are not blocked. If the dye makes it to my stomach then that means everything is operating just fine. So still we are on the OK for starting our Clomid treatment next month in December. That would be the happiest Xmas present I could ever ask for to find out were expecting.

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