Monday, November 12, 2007


I had to cancel my appointment today and reschedule it for next month. I was sad that I had to reschedule but the doctor will not do the procedure if you are even slightly still on your period for risk of a pelvic infection. Its important that its between 9-12 days in my cycle so we are now looking at having the test an entire month later. So the new date is December 11th. This will be a long month wait. Ryan and I are growing impatient. We talk about names, single birth vs Twins. We both have our heart on having Twins and hope that could be possible. Ryan wants boy/girl twins as his 1st choice. I would like identical twins so I can do the cute outfits. We not greedy though we just want a healthy baby in the end. We will love it no matter what the sex. I'm just eager to start our lives with kids. Well I will update as we hear things.

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