Sunday, December 9, 2007


Tomorrows the Day! My very last test before they give us the OK on starting on Clomid. Excited, nervous, scared all in one. I watched some a 12 month old baby and a 3 year old over night this week and had to get up three times in the middle of the night. I don't know how parents do it I was so tired the next day I felt like I never even slept or went to bed. I was also doing some reading on the Internet and came across Discovery Health website. They had the profile of "Jon & Kate plus 8" show. For those that don't know this is a true story of Kate who couldnt conceive because she has PCOS just like me she turned to fertility treaments and got pregnant with twins. They were super happy and 4 years later they wanted to have another child so they started Clomid treatment again and became pregant with 7 kids this time. Being against terminating any of the pregnancies she carried out the entire pregnancy . Her stomach was gigantic but she gave birth to 6 pretty healthy babies, one of the fetuses never developed. The risk of having multiples is prety low for Clomid but since this did happen I keep telling Ryan that could be us. Are you prepared? He looks a little scared about it. Hey watch 13 children a day 12 of them under 4 and one 5 year old I can handle anything.

I will update tomorrow evening to let you know how the test went I am a little nervous as I have never had this procedure and I heard its not painful but pretty uncomfortable. Crossing my fingers nothing is wrong.

We sold all of our furniture that will be in our future babies room to prepare for decorating. We will need to tear out the carpet and either lay hardwood floors down or new carpet. We have been talking about themes and what we will do to actual room once we get ready to paint. We are becoming very excited about the whole process and are very excited that this time next year we might have a little baby at Christmas to put in the nursery.

The picture above is of our God-daughter Kylee and us out on a Christmas Hayride that goes through our neighborhood. There were 3 covered wagons all decorated with lights and each one pulled by Clydesdale horses. They gave us Hot chocolate, cookies and had girl scouts aboard to help us sing Christmas carols. We have done this each year since we have been together and look forward all of the traditions we will share with our little bundle of joy. If you haven't made it out to Dovewood Ct in Orangevale to see the lights its definitely worth the trip out there. Our house is all decorated inside and out. We still haven't decided which houses we will spend Christmas Eve or Day. We will somehow get in both parents and my grandparents. We will be hosting a Christmas breakfast at our house on Christmas morning so hopefully we will see everyone then. Merry Christmas everyone and Have a wonderful Holiday Season.

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