Friday, November 16, 2007


I got a call last night that the pregnancy test was negative. Which we already knew but they needed to do before placing me on hormones. I have an appointment today for another ultrasound and get my prescription so I will update later on today.

So I had my ultrasound and still the same everything looks fine except the PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is still seen on both sides. I am take the hormones for ten days and then start one pack of birth control pills for 30 days. This should get me all ready for my HSG Test at the radiology center on December 11th. This date may fluctuate by a few das because it needs to be done on day 9-12 of my cycle.

My God-daughter Kylee and I went to Nordstroms Nutcracker Breakfast this morning and had a great time. (I added a picture to the family album) My other other God-daughter and her mom went with us and both girls wore there flower girl dresses from our wedding. Everyone was ooooing and awwwing over there dresses. I cant wait for Thanksgiving dinner and two days off to relax from everything.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Test?? Already

I got a call from the IVF Clinic today asking me to go down to the lab to take a blood prenancy test, that they I could have a chance at possibly being pregant. I have been spotting for about a month now and I never have in my life. They sometime you do this if you are early pregant. If the pregnancy test comes back positive I would be so excited to have done it on my own with no drugs but I think there is a just about no chance of this happening. If the test comes back negative then we will start on hormones to even out my periods to prepare me for getting on the Clomid medication. Will let everyone know as soon as we here back in the next day.

Monday, November 12, 2007


I had to cancel my appointment today and reschedule it for next month. I was sad that I had to reschedule but the doctor will not do the procedure if you are even slightly still on your period for risk of a pelvic infection. Its important that its between 9-12 days in my cycle so we are now looking at having the test an entire month later. So the new date is December 11th. This will be a long month wait. Ryan and I are growing impatient. We talk about names, single birth vs Twins. We both have our heart on having Twins and hope that could be possible. Ryan wants boy/girl twins as his 1st choice. I would like identical twins so I can do the cute outfits. We not greedy though we just want a healthy baby in the end. We will love it no matter what the sex. I'm just eager to start our lives with kids. Well I will update as we hear things.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


I started my medication from the doctor and I feel so yucky. I have to take these pills twice a day for the next 4 days for the HSG test tomorrow. Ryan brought me my pill this morning and about a half an hour later I was feeling so sick to my stomach. Not to the point where I was going to throw up but well on my way to feeling like I needed to. I read the pamphlet on the medicine and it said I couldn't eat for an hour, otherwise it would absorb the meds. I am thinking how am I going to finish these meds. Ryan suggested he go get us Beach Hut Deli for lunch which sounded good but I wasn't up for riding in the car just yet so he decided to bring it back to the house so we could lay on the couch and eat. Thank goodness I felt so much better after I ate and don't think it will be much of a problem when I take another pill tonight. My stomach only felt sick for about 30 minutes and I can bare through it. Right?? All of these needle pricks, testing, diagnostics will get what we both want in the end and besides I keep telling myself this, this is nothing compared to that morning sickness I will get when we are actually pregnant.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


So last week Ryan went in for his semen analysis and everything came back perfect. The concentrate was 82 million sperms with 72% mobility. They all appeared to be healthy and of no concerns. He had some blood work done to rule out some genetic factors that are hereditary like Cystic Fibrosis. I did not know this but it is the #1 Caucasian hereditary disease passed on to your children.

I went in yesterday for blood work and had 7 viles of blood sent in for a number of testing. We will wait a week to have all the results come back. My next appointment will be on Monday, November 12 for a HSG test. They will inject a dye into my tubes and ovaries to make sure they are not blocked. If the dye makes it to my stomach then that means everything is operating just fine. So still we are on the OK for starting our Clomid treatment next month in December. That would be the happiest Xmas present I could ever ask for to find out were expecting.
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