Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Doubled Clomis 2nd Round

Today is Cycle Day One

Here is my outline

Feb 1-28 81mg Baby Asprin
Feb 1-5 100mg Clomid
Feb 6 -10 Estrace 2x a day
Feb 9-12 Test for Positive Surge
Feb 12 Appointment for Ultrasound to see if I ovulated

If I have a Positive surge I will begin Progesterone and get a HCG Injection and have to decide if we want to have intercourse or do Insemination for $350.00

Please keep us in your prayers this week and send positive energy our way. I am trying to think positive thoughts so that this will work but I feel so let down by what happened last month and everything. Although most people I know have not had any successes there first time but it worked there second time so crossing my fingers my body remembers the drugs from last month and will want to ovulate.

My birthday is on Monday and I turn 29 so this would be the most wonderful news!

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