Sunday, January 6, 2008

LH Surge

Tomorrow we start taking our ovulation tests to check for our LH Surge. I will test Monday through Thursday and if the test is positive for a surge we will go in for an Ultrasound that day. If I don't show a surge by Thursday then I will go this Thursday to check what my ovaries look like and do a follicle count. Very anxious I can't wait to see if it all worked. I feel so impatient I just want to know that everything worked and we have a pregnancy. I feel antsy like we are already pregnant. I can't wait to start shopping. I keep imagining what the room will look like. I really feel it is going to work and we are having a boy. SO please think of Ryan and I this week and bless us that the meds work and that we become pregnant this week. Keeping my finger crossed!

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