Wednesday, January 23, 2008


So we came to NorCal Fertility Clinic today to go over exactly how to do the Gonal-F shots and exactly how many times I would need to come in for Ultrasounds and estridal blood tests. I also found out we would need two rounds of insemination 48 hrs apart. So total cost for a month of Gonal-F Injections including ultrasounds, blood tests and insemination will run $1,880.00 plus $1000.00 for the actual medication. So we are looking at about $3000.00 for on month of treatment. We would need to do 3 rounds of Injections before moving onto IVF which will cost about $10,000.00 for each IVF Cycle. :::::::::::Big Breath:::::::::::: I have no idea about all this I just sat there numb today. Asking alot of questions but just shocked that I am the one sitting in the chair being told how I can /can't get pregnant and exactly how much it will cost. I just had this feeling of being overwhelmed when she told me my insurance covers 0% even for the meds. My eyes welled up and I just felt hopeless like this just isn't going to work for us. We already have a significant amount of debt that we have been paying off but feel we are going to be in major debt if we continue adding to it. I really don't want to charge any fertility treatments because I don't want to end up pregnant and not being able to afford to live where we ar at and not being able to even buy the things we will need for the baby. I have no problem spending the $3000.00 if I knew it would work for sure. Its just all the doubts we could have about it. My sadness becomes hate. I hate the lady sitting next to me in the waiting room who has three kids but here and her husband are trying to have a 4th. I just want ONE! I hate the nurse we talk to today who jokingly told us her daughter and daughter-in-law had no problem getting pregnant the first two times but they had to take meds for both of them to get pregnant with their third. I hate how they can sit there and tell me sorry your not covered but then not say we give patients without insurance a discount or why don't you just wait a year or two and switch to Kaiser they cover more. I don't want to wait a year or two. I hate every time somebody tells me "Don't worry your 'e young" or "Don't be in a rush". I am one year away from being 30 yrs old I want to be a young mom who wants to roll on the floor and play with their child who doesn't hush them while they are playing. I want to enjoy every second of it while I am young. I know God has some crazy plan for both Ryan and I, I just want to know what it is. So God if you are listening I am waiting please let me know what to do!

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