Sunday, July 20, 2008

Back from Minnesota

We had a wonderful time visiting family and have settled back into the routine of things. Its so nice to be away and have no responsibilities but when you get back they are all stacked up. The mail stack was about a foot and a half, the answering machine was full and we had over 300 emails. Oh I want to go back. I also finished one of my ECE classes with a A and took my Math Final and am awaiting the grade for that class.

On Thursday Ryan and I went to the fertility clinic for a Baseline Ultrasound to start our cycle. They were surprised I hadn't started my period yet so they wanted to give me a pregestrone shot but my insurance wouldn't pay for it so I am on 7 days of provera pills to hopefully start. When I do get my period we will go back in for the same ultrasound and on day two will start my shots. Should be Monday or Tuesday for our next appointment. I will update again soon. This month will have lots of updates as we have a pretty good chance of getting pregnant this cycle.

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