Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Baseline Ultrasound

Today I had my Baseline ultrasound and went over my medications with my nurse coordinator. I haven't decided if I will do my shots in the morning or in the evening. I think morning would be good since I know I will see my husband otherwise we will need to do shots late around 10pm or 11pm as he has soccer 3-4 days a week and this is what time he gets home.

Everything is set though here is our schedule:

July 23 till Aug 1 Gonal-F shots,Take 81mg Baby Asprin Daily this whole month
July 28 Blood Estridol TestJuly 30 Blood Estridol Test & Ultrasound
July 31 will start having daily ultrasounds to monitor my follicles
Aug 1 Ovidrel Shot to make me ovulate
Aug 2 Insemination
Aug 3 Insemination
Aug 4 Start Progestrone Suppositories
Aug 19 Beta HCG Pregnancy Test
If positive an Ultrasound will be scheduled in 6 weeks

The doctor I had explain everything about what will happen. He told me that in patients that had absolutely no response in Clomid Treatments that shots always work. But he said that they usually work to good and that we have to closely watch my follicle count closely. An ideal response would be 3-4 follicles. If we have over 4 but under 8/10 then we will do a procedure with a needle and suck out the extra follicles. Risks are they could accidentally suck out the egg to. And in some cases they have seen 20 follicles and in case that happens we will have two choices. One will be to terminate this cycle and try again a different month (not really an option to me) The other option would be to do IVF which he said I would be sedated for about five minutes to get the eggs out but there is an increased cost with that. (Can I get a Credit Card increase)

So I left the office feeling confident happy and excited. I have been trying to not show these emotions as I dont want to be crushed if this doesn't work but they made me feel like its just going to so I am going to let myself go with this feeling and just be excited for the moment.

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