Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Decision Time

So Ryan and I nervously show up at our appointment and were hoping for good news. We did our ultrasound and the doctor counted and measured each follicle. The Left ovary has ten follicles measuring from 9.5 to 11mm and the right ovary has 8 follicles and measures from 10.5 to 11mm. There are still to many follicles to proceed with the insemination because each follicle will produce a egg and we do not want 18 children. Lol So we asked the doctor several questions and what our official options are now. My Estradiol level is 988 now

1) Cancel the cycle
2) Convert to an IVF cycle.

We asked about percentages and even with another cycle of shots our chance is 20% and he clearly stated it usually takes a few cycles before patients get pregnant then he said but sometimes it can take just one.

With IVF our chances for my age are around 50-65% and it increases with each cycle. So at three cycles we would be around 75% and the odds getting pregnant on first IVF cycle are very good. So we we quickly came to the decision to go ahead and choose IVF and not do two more cycles of shots.

Another benefit will be any remaining eggs can be cryofreezed then if its a failed IVF or we want to have a brother/sister for our child I will not have to go through with all the shots again to stimulate me. Woohoo!

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