Monday, July 28, 2008

Estradiol Test

I went in at 9am this morning for a very quick blood draw. The nurse explained I would hear from them if something was wrong, or they needed to increase/decrease my meds. I am inpatient and want them to call either way but I guess I'm just hoping for no call. The phone rang several times today and I crossed my fingers each time but it wasn't the doctors office. Then at 2:30pm they finally called they just went over my test results and the doctor wants me to Decrease my shots. Instead of 150 he wants me to cut it down to 75 and come in tomorrow morning for another estradiol test and a ultrasound. I'm so nervous in a good way. I'm happy because I have results but I'm scared I only want 1-2 babies but not 5 babies.

See I kept telling everyone that I couldn't fit my pants and I knew it was working I could feel it. Wozers we are on our way guess we'll find out more tomorrow. The appointment is at 8:15am so Ryan will be able to go in with me before work. Oh ya the Estradiol level was 690 not sure how high that is or what is a normal level but they said its high and I need to decrease my meds so we will. Update tomorrow fetor ultrasound.

Ok im kinda worried I think the more I read about fertility things the more I panic. I was reading if you overstim then your cycle can get canceled and you have to start all over ok um thats not what I want. Praying hard tonight that God helps us through this and sees us to the end on happy healthy pregnancy. Wanting to be apart of the Moms Club really bad.

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