Wednesday, July 23, 2008

First Shot

So we decided that night time would be the best for our shots as we both can be home around 10pm. We got all of the stuff out and set up a mini prep area on our bed. Surprisingly we were both nervous probably purely off the fact we did not know what we were doing. I carefully cleaned the top of the bottle with a alcohol swab and added the liquid into the bottle filled with the powdered Gonal F. I then loaded it into the syringe I went to pass it to Ryan and then got extremely nervous and said I cant let you do it. The needle looked a lot bigger then what I thought it was (It really was the size of what you get your blood drawn with) But my nerves were getting to me. Ryan cleaned my belly off where we were going to give the injection. I counted then stuck the needle in, it was like stuck on my skin I pushed a little harder and it just seemed like the top layer of my skin was tight and wasn't letting the needle enter my body then it was like my skin gave way and the needle rushed all the way in. Ryan pushed the plunger thing in and put the medicine in we waited 5 seconds like we were told and pulled the needle out. We both were quiet and felt this rush its just crazy what we are doing. This whole process is just overwhelming to me.

The needle didn't hurt at all I was just scared I told Ryan sorry for not letting him do it but I just needed to do it myself the first time and that he can do it tomorrow night. He said its okay and he doesn't want to hurt me either. SO now that I'm not scared anymore I think this will be easier.

Our course is to continue with shots everyday until my test on Monday to see if its working and then we will continue. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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