Saturday, July 26, 2008

Holy Buttons

So we have three of the ten shots done now. There super easy I was just being a woose. I still have to count to three before we stab but its not painful just awkward. I cant believe but this medicine has made be bloat so bad. The jeans I wore last week will not even button. So I got out my "boyfriend" jeans because they fit the loosest and are way baggy in the butt. Well apparently there not they buttoned tightly and I completely fill them out. I'm thinking I still have 7 shots left Oh God I'm gonna be a blimp by that time. All that training for my triathlon is gone. This baby better take up a new area code in my belly because I'm not getting fat for nothing.

Alisha and I Adelante School Dance

On a sad note an old Best friend of mine died four days ago of an overdose of Methadone. I just didn't believe it when I heard it no way not Alisha I could think of a few people it wouldn't shock me but Alisha is sweet and funny. Then I imagined her 7 year old daughter hearing that mommy didn't wake up that morning and it brings tears to my eyes. Her sister has been practically raised by Alisha too and is still in High School. I feel very terrible for the family and can't even imagine the pain they have. I hadn't talked to her in a few years since I moved off of Butterball Way. She lived around the corner from me and we would hang out. She borrowed a stroller from me and never brought it back I bugged her a few times for it but never got it back. So sad to lose a friend over something so small but I was mad. It was like she avoided me after she borrowed it but if she lost it or someone stole it just tell me then I wont be wondering why you never gave it back. Oh well nothing I can do or say now. Lust made me grow a little and realize life is so short cherish people in it, don't hold grudges and don't carry hate in the heart. RIP Alisha Rodrigues 2/3/80 to 7/22/08

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