Thursday, July 31, 2008


So now that we convereted to IVF cycle things are going so fast and I completely overwelmed with information, med changes, appointments and everyone's positive attitude.

SO far this is what we found out today.Esradiol Level is 1857Left Ovary has 10 follicles ranging from 13.5 - 16mmRight Ovary has 8-9 follicles ranging from 14 - 15.5mm

Not sure if I mentioned before but the follicles are mature between 18-20mm so we are on our way.

They prescribed a list of meds for me and sent me to Safeway to fill and bring back for explanation on how to mix and when to give. Was not expecting the $413.00 but I have no choice.

My list of Meds now includesSHOTS:
75 Gonal-F Shot Nightly
Luveras Shot Morning
Citrotrite Shot each morning*
Menopur shot morning

Zithromax Antibiotic 2x day
Medrol 2x a day (The nasty tasting pill ever I'd rather have a shot)
PrimacareOne 1x a day
Baby Aspirin 1x a day
Garlic 1x a day
FishOil 1x a day

*The citrotrite shot I took above burned while I was putting it in. I took at the center so they could show me how to mix the medication. I proceeded with my other shot and was sent back to the waiting room to wait for the endocrinologist. My stomach felt funny and I kept pulling at my shirt felt like I had a bee sting. After the egg class I said excuse me I need to check my stomach. When I lifted it up it looked like someone had slapped me and left a fire red welt. It was puffy and blotchy. I asked her to get my nurse,when my nurse came in she said oh my, let me get the doctor and the doctor came and said oh my. He asked me to take the medrol in my antibiotic bag and I can take some benadryl and they will give me a deeper needle for tomorrows shot of the same med.

The endocrinoligist went over what will happen on day of egg retrieval and how they will care for our embryos and blastocycts. I learned they are embryos until day 4 then when the cells have divided so much on day 5 they are called blastocysts. They will call me on Day 1 to tell me how many eggs they pulled out and what they will grade them. Then they will call next day to tell me how many fertilized. If by day 3 there are still to many to choose from they will let them grow out till day 5. So I will either have a day 3 or a day 5 transfer.

Hoping for day 5 as you have a better odd for implantation in your uterus. We have an appointment on Saturday to measure Estradiol level and have our last ultrasound. I will also receive my HCG shot that will trigger me to ovulate.

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