Monday, August 25, 2008

3rd Beta

Had a little bit of a scare over the weekend. I decided to switch back to my progesterone oil shot from the Endometrin on Friday and Saturday to see if my body was infact allergic to it or it was something else. Saturday morning I woke up with the wind out of me and a cold sensation in my throat each time I took a breath. When i bent over or laid on one side it was harder to breath and just sitting on the couch i hearda weezing sound coming from my chest. I figured the fluid had moved up to my lungs. I called the center and they wanted to see me. By the time we went in I was no longer weezing. I had an ultrasound and there was still alot of extra fluid and my ovaries are still enlarged from the Hyperstimulation. They have decreased from 7cm to 6cm. Normal ovaries are around 3cm just so you know. My belly circumference measured 97cm thats 1cm down from the visit two days ago and I was weighing in 3 pounds less then a few days ago so things seem to be getting better.

By Saturday early evening I developed a rash on the inside of my arms. The rash is extremely itchy almost hive like. By Sunday morning my belly was itchy also and I was okayed to take Benadryl and applying hydrocortisone to the rash. The weezing also seem to come back off and on.

I didnt sleep much sunday night and I woke up with wet sweatpants and felt this gushing sensation of water a few times. Enough to get me up to change clothes. When I woke up it was like my stomach diasappeared overnight. I jumped on the scale and I was 4 pounds down. This concerned me that I lost some fluid, lost my belly and lost the weight in one night, I worried that the baby wasn't doing good thats why the hyperstimming was doing better.

When I called to report the rash, the weightloss, weezing and fluid they asked me to come come in immedietly. I did lose some weight but my belly was measuring the same size which was suprising. Today wasthe first day I was able to fit in my jeans and not have to wear maternity jeans. My belly visually is smaller and I can see my feet and even bend over and touch my toes. They did a blood draw and checked my Hcg Panel to make sure everything was where it needed to be. The doctor asked when my third beta was scheduled and I said Wednesday. He asked do you want to do it early and get it done today. I said yes, yes, yes.

They just called and told me that my beta was 1869. Thats a doubling time of every 1.62 days. My first doubling time was every 23 hours. I probably have only one baby in there but who knows could be two since doubles times are usually every 2 days up to your 4th week and then it slows down to every 3-4 days after that. We will just have to wait and see. My first ultrasound is scheduled next week on Sep 3rd to actually see the baby. We did check today but its still to early to pick up up on the screen.

8/15/08 Beta 1 was 15
8/17/08 Beta 2 was 61
8/25/08 Beta 3 was 1869

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