Friday, August 1, 2008


So I decided to go and have a fertility acupuncture done on me to better my odds and relax my body. I have to say I was nervous. I went to Doctor Cherry's office (Isn't that cute name) and filled tons of paperwork. We talked for awhile about the PCOS and talked a lot about diet. PCOS is actually an insulin problem and you have control your sugar levels and carb intake. Basically treat like you are diabetic. She also told me we need to keep the uterus warm and avoid cold things so no ice in my drinks, no ice cream (Hmm that sucks Ryan and I eat Marble slab, Jamba like twice a week) No raw vegetables, avoid Red Meats and limit carbs like bread and pasta. I wanted to jump over the table when she said I cant have those I am super addicted to them.

Things that are good to eat are Proteins and things low on the glycemic chart. Vegetables are good just cook them, fruits like Melons, apples nut not strawberries. Soups are great as they provide the uterus with warmth.

Now it was time for me to climb on the table she used a little tube to place to accu needles in. Amazingly it did not hurt at all. She used about ten needles and put one in my ear and forehead and the one in each hand, two in my stomach, and the rest in my legs and ankles. The two that were above my knees she took some clay type of stuff and placed it on the needles and lit them on fire and produced some smoke. I laughed and said this smells like high school or those bidi cigarettes that look like leaves their like Indian cigarettes. I'm not talking about cloves.

She left the room for a half hour and told me to just relax and take big breathes and push the air down to my uterus and melt into the table. I most certainly did I don't think I have ever let myself get that relaxed I even fell partially asleep. When I got up I felt like I had rested overnight. I can't wait to come back again.

She would like to see me pre and post transfer day but that will be Thursday with a 3 day transfer or Saturday will be a 5 day transfer is what I am hoping for. Saturdays they are not open but they gave me their cell number and said call and they are on-call. I have a massage scheduled for Tuesday evening to relax my body. Things are moving on cant wait for tomorrows appointment and hear some good news.

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