Saturday, August 16, 2008

Extra Fluid

Today is the one of worst. I can't sleep, lay on my side, or move without being in pain. My breathing is labored and when I take a big breath its pushes on the fluid causing me pain. I woke up at 6am and took a bath which ended up with me balling in pain. I spent most of the morning crying. I waited until the center opened at 8:30am to call I told them about the pain, the weight gain, and that my stomach is even more rounded and the extreme chest pain I was having. The doctor was in the middle of a egg retrieval so I would need to wait till 11:30am for an appointment.

When we arrived they did my vitals. I now weigh 150 pounds (15 pound increase) since I started this cycle my pulse was elevated 133. The doctor did an exam and the rash I had on my shoulders has now spread down my chest and onto my stomach. The doctor still believes it is the progesterone oil shots and wants me to switch to an internal progesterone pill. The oil is $70 a bottle and last almost 3 weeks, this new medicine costs $135 for a ten day supply and I would need to be on it for another 6 weeks.

During the exam she measured my belly again and it was 92cm the prior day and is 93cm today. She said there was more flud inside my abdominal cavity and they would go ahead and do the surgery to remove the extra fluid. They wheeled me back to the surgery area where I switched into a hospital gown and a IV was started. They gave me some saline fluid and medicine for the pain. They also gave me some human plasma that will prevent the fluid from going anywhere during the procedure and cause infection. She gave me something for nausea also. Within in ten minutes I couldn't even talk my words were slurred and I felt drugged I kept asking for my mom but they wouldn't let her back until they were done doing all there tests and medications. I started to cry again because I was so scared. I kept crycing I want my mom. A few moments later I said I need to go to the bathroom. She walked to the bathroom and I opened the door and asked can I have my mom now. My mom came in and I told her I'm gonna throw up right now. I dry heaved about ten times I have had no appetite so there was nothing to throw up. It hurt so bad to use all those muscle when my belly was so stretched and my breathing was labored. I stumbled back to the gurney where I told my mom I feel so drugged that I cant see or talk.

Few moments later the doctor was here and ready for the procedure I drunkenly walked to operating room where they put me in stirrups. I could barely see due to the drugs but I saw a two foot long needle and I decided I will just close my eyes the whole procedure.

She used a little litocane to numb but I could feel the needle pierce each time. It took about fifteen minutes but she pulled 1100cc out which is slightly more then one of those large gatorade bottles. I slid over to another gurney and they put me back into the recovery room where I slept. They unhooked my IV and I got dressed. They weighed me and I lost 6 pounds of fluid. I laughed and said I'll be back tomorrow lets suck out some more fluid. I walked to the car, I was so sleepy but felt so much better I that could walk without pain, I could take a deep breath.

My mom, Ryan and I went to Red Robin for lunch where I ate my tortilla soup then fell asleep on the table. We drove home and I climbed into bed at 4pm and Ryan woke me around 10pm to drink a whey Protein shake. Tomorrow is my 2nd Beta Pregnancy Test at 8:00am and they will call us in the afternoon to give us the numbers.

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