Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Received our call early this morning. Out of the 25 eggs they collected yesterday 13 of them Fertilized, 8 were immature eggs, and 3 mature eggs did not fertilize. That's a 81% Fertilization rate. That's great.

He set up an appointment for this Thursday. The day will go like this

9:00am Acupuncture
10:00am Start drinking Gatorade for a full bladder
10:15am Consult with Dr Murray
10:45am IVF
11:15 Acupuncture
Then Staying at Ryans parents on bed rest for three days

There is still a chance they may call on Thursday and tell me they are to many quality eggs to choose from and they need to watch them for two more days, which would bring us to Saturday.

I am still not feeling well at all almost feels worse today. Like I got ran over by a semi and spit back out. Lots of sharp pains and trouble peeing. I am super sore and hurts to bend over and I am really tried. Ryan and I called the clinic this morning just to see if this is normal and they said they would like to see me. I had an ultrasound and found out my egg sized ovaries are about 6 inches right now and filled with some fluid. The ovaries do swell after egg retrieval but its the fluid that you have to be careful. There is something called ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome that can be life threatening and I have developed slight symptoms so we are just monitoring. Drink plenty of fluids like Gatorade, whey protein shakes, eat lots of proteins and get plenty of rest and it will help your body get rid of the extra fluid.

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