Saturday, August 9, 2008

Transfer Day

Got up really early and took a shower just so I could spend some time alone this morning to think. It was peaceful quite while Ryan and the dogs were still sleeping.

We arrived at 8am for acupuncture and during my treatment I just couldn't stop smiling thinking about today and soaking in every second. I want to remember and keep this with me, this journey to get here. Its been amazing and a blessing.

We head to the center where we sit in Dr Murrays office to discuss our babies and see pictures. He says all 13 are still alive some have slowed down in growing but they have chosen these two. He slides a photo to me. I can't believe how big they have grown. One was extremely larger then the other. They are between 200-300 cells now. The large one is cramped inside the egg case and is ready to hatch. The larger one should implant sometime tonight followed by the other one tomorrow. They will freeze some today and some tomorrow but we wont find out how many till tomorrow when they call.

We then head to an exam room for an ultrasound to make sure my bladder was full enough and the nurse gave me my progesterone shot while we waited. Then my nurse Roxanne came in and brought me a valium to help me relax. I was going to refuse as I wasn't that nervous but Dr Murray said it might even help them implant so what the hey give me one. We then moved down to the lab and sat in their waiting room holding onto a picture taken of the babies this morning. We put some hospital booties on and headed down the hall to a room where I was to undress and lay on a table. Relaxing music filtered the room and the skylights were covered in butterflies and clouds. The endocrinologist came in and brought us a second picture of the babies. They have grown even more since the this morning pictures.

Finally the doctor comes in and cleans off my cervix and he endocrinologist bring in a catheter/syringe looking thing with my babies all loaded in there. She places it between my legs and hands it to the doctor. I am able to see the ultrasound and can see the catheter tip on the screen now and then two white blobs enter. I ask Are you in my uterus yet and he said yes the babies are in there now to. Wow Really?? That didn't even hurt a bit I didn't feel anything. They set a timer for fifteen minutes and tell me to lie still and wait for the timer and then I can use the restroom and we can go home.

I smile so big and tell my husband "were pregnant" I cant believe it. This is so exciting. After about ten minutes my legs start trembling and I ask the nurse if we could lay them flat. We do and I have just a few more minutes. I call my mom to tell her they are in and she asks if she can say a prayer for me and we do. I head to the bathroom and was reassured you can not pee, sneeze, or cough them out.

We drove over to the acupuncturist to do my post treatment. She places all the needles in and I relaxed on the table and fell asleep. Ryan ran to get us La Bou and came back just when I was done. I climbed in the car I feel so blissful and just have this overwhelming feeling we are pregnant and expecting both babies. I recline the seat in the car and rest. We have to stop by our house and pick up the keys to Ryans parents house, my medications and all of our stuff that we packed a few days ago. My mom says she will watch Bella for me so we pack up her crate and things and bring her with us. When she jumped into the car she was so happy to see me that she jumps on my chest and slept there the entire way to the Dorns house.

I have just been resting today. My grandpa came by and picked up Ryan so my uncle, dad, grandpa and him could go golfing. It is my grandpas birthday so the fam went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant and my grandparents brought me by some food. My mom and dad are headed over to bring me some desert and see the pictures of the babies and Ryan has headed down the hill to let Allie outside and do the daycare grocery shopping before he heads back up here for the night.

I just feel so amazingly blessed right now and am filled with such positive thoughts and feel so loved by so many friends and family. I thank everyone who called us right after the transfer and wished us luck and wishes. I found some beautiful flowers on my porch from Traci and Kylee and a fresh Pineapple with a card that say pineapples make the baby stick so eat up. =) Thank you that was so sweet. My mom just arrived so I will spend some time with her. Talk to everyone tomorrow.

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