Sunday, August 3, 2008


So I woke up at around 7am this morning and did my HCG Test at first I thought it was negative but it was just very faint. I woke Ryan up to see if he could tell if it was negative or positive and seem to think it was positive and went back to sleep.

The reason they have you take the HCG just to make sure it is present even if just a little bit. The trigger shot I gave last night to ovulate we are just verifying it works.

Today is my first day I have felt really blah. Not terrible just blah. My chest/heart hurt. I read everything about Ovidrel (Trigger shot) and that is not one of the side effects. I'm just hoping it is anxiety with all that is going on. Ryan and I feel like are minds, emotions, and anxiety are on a roller coaster ride. All of this happened so fast. We weren't expecting to have to spend this much (Thanks to my super fabulous father in-law for helping with the extra money that we didn't have) We will pay you back somehow.

Just taking it easy today since I will have egg retrieval in the morning. No eating after 9PM tonight no water after midnight. I just finished signing like 80 pages of consent forms.Some are rather depressing like complications that can happen while others are funny. Like Ryan had to sign that he in deed owns his sperm and not me LOL We also had to decide what to do with the extra eggs if Ryan or I or both were to die. That would never cross my mind but I could see some battles over custody of them that may have happened with other clients.

Can you imagine I could be pregnant in a few weeks. I have been thinking positive thoughts. Positive thoughts=positive actions. For me I have never been pregnant so I don't know what to expect, what it feels like, or having a positive pregnancy test ever. Everything will be new and exciting and I cant wait.

Ryan is so supportive and I believe more excited then I am. He will not let me talk negative at all or say what if it doesn't work. He thinks its in our minds to make it work.

Ryan's Brother Jason and girlfriend Caprice are excited for us and I am sure will have fun spoiling the baby or babies.

I am leaning toward the fact that we will have twins. We want a boy but the more I say that I am sure we will get a girl. I just wish for healthy and happy baby that is mine. Oh I have waited for this day. Fast forward the next few weeks so i can find out quicker. Wish us look on our egg retrieval for some super quality eggs.

I added some new pics to the fertility album. Wish we had taken more to document this juney but it just went so fast. I am making a journal for the baby so they can see how bad mommy and daddy wanted them here with us.

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