Sunday, August 17, 2008

Just found out......

WERE PREGNANT! The picture showing is of the different pee sticks from Friday, Saturday and then Sunday. You can see how much the difference in how dark the line got.

Beta number 1 needed to be at least 10 and Beta number two needs to double from the first number.

Beta #1 was 15 on Friday morning
Beta #2 was 61 on Sunday morning

So we are 100% totally pregnant. According to a HCG Calculator that Traci used when I gave her the numbers we could be expecting twins. The doubling times should be every 36-48 hrs and mine are doubling every 23 hours.

Today is a calm day I am just relaxing so that I am able to work this week. I miss my daycare kiddos and I know they are missing me. They are going to be so excited. At circle time I going to tell them then see if they think its one or two babies and if they are boys, girls, or both.

I am feeling so much better after yesterdays procedure I can breath and I can get out of a chair all by myself. I still have no appetite but am doing everything they have asked me to do to keep the fluid from coming back. My stomach around noon starting having that tight pulling feeling so I beg please please dont let the fluid come back. That was such a horrible feeling. I was begging everyone to just put me out of my mysery.

My next appointment is scheduled for Aug 27th for a third Beta to see how high the numbers have reached.

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