Saturday, August 2, 2008

Last appointment before ER

So I could not sleep all night last night I kept waking up and was excited for this appointment. Our appointment wasn't until 11:00am for the blood test and 11:30am for the ultrasound. Everything is going to fast we weren't expecting to convert to IVF but I was not letting my cycle get canceled just because i respond so well to the meds. So doctor Gilliand came in to do my ultrasound by the way he is my favorite doctor there he is super sweet and will rub your leg the whole time you are there and he is honest and let you know what can and can't happen.

We started the ultrasound and he began counting the follicles which were more then we had counted on previous ultrasounds and i was so happy to see they continued to grow to the point that they are ready. So I asked am I ready for my HCG trigger shot and he said yes. YIPEEEEE!

Today's Test ResultsEstradiol 3105LH 1.48Left Ovary has 17 Follicles ranging from 18 - 21mmRight Ovary has 12 Follicles ranging from 17 -18mm

They told me I would need one more shot of Citrotrite which would prevent me from ovulating until I give my trigger shot tonight. Was not so happy about that since the shot is $288.54. The pharmacy is out of the shot so I had to borrow one from the center. I met the nurse that will take care of me on Monday and found out Dr G (Gilliand) will be doing the egg retrieval. We need to arrive at the center on Monday at 9:30am and the egg retrieval will be at 10:30am. I have been updating a few journal entries at a time because i got behind so you may need to go back and check if you missed any. Tonight at 10:30PM I will take two shots of Ovidrel which is my HCG shot that will make my follicles release the eggs. Then exactly 36 hours they will be able to remove the eggs which is why our appointment is Monday at 10:30am. They have fours hours from that time to get the eggs before they start heading to my tubes. I am thinking positive I feel very confident that we will have a pregnancy it sounds like the clinic only wants to put in two embryos/blasts Ryan and I want three but am I willing to have triplets??? That's the real question. Update Monday after egg retrieval since I will be on bed rest all day.

These are my last two shots

Administrating HCG to make me ovulate

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