Friday, August 8, 2008

One More Day

So I am in a great mood today, not so yesterday. I was upset that the transfer got moved, and I like having a plan and it was changed without my say. I think it was my first day feeling all the hormones and I was really moody. I wanted to argue with my husband for no reason. I woke up mad at him because he didn't talk to me before I went to bed last night and I am the one that is in pain and I really wanted him to feel sorry for me or something. I didn't want him to leave and go to work. I get tired of his work schedule sometimes even though he works 10:00am -7:00pm I cant count the last time he was home 9:00pm. I know its not his fault he likes to work hard and wants to move up at his work

I did realize I do have some reasons to be moody
*No Caffeine (Which means No Dr Pepper)
*No Coffee
*No Ice Cream
*No Ice in my drinks
*No Jamba
*No Milkshakes
*No Mary Gails Homemade Ice Cream
*No Red Meat (NO Hamburgers)
*No Hot Tubs
*No Swimming
*Limit Breads/Pasta

There probably more things I am missing but you get the point I cant do anything. So there is a reason for my grouchiness yesterday. But I am over it. I like to be in a good mood and usually am. I'm so excited about carrying a baby that those inconvenience I will take. Although missing Marble slab Ice Cream is a punishment of its own. Even Ryan has agreed to not eat since I am not able to. The reason I cant eat cold things is because we want to keep the uterus warm and able to accept the baby.

I did get good news last night. Dr Cherry my acupuncturist called and said that another IVF patient scheduled for this. Saturday so he would be willing to do my treatment for $200 instead of the $400 charge so I am ecstatic.

Saturdays schedule will be like this now:
8:00am Acupuncture
9:00am Consult Dr Murray
9:45am IVF Transfer
10:15am Acupuncture
Then Bed Rest for 3 days only getting up to use the restroom

I cant believe we only have one more day until our babies reach my uterus. They are about 5-6 days old and have gone through the different stages and are now blastocrysts. This journey thus far has not been that bad, the shots, the pills weren't terrible. Only pain and discomfort I have experienced is after the egg retrieval. Still today 4 days later I still have pain/tenderness when riding in the car, walking up stairs or leaning on my stomach. I haven't been able to sleep on my tummy as it stretches it. I started my progesterone suppositories AKA wallpaper paste, ya lets just say yuck =P The progesterone shots in my hip/butt area only hurt on my right side. Ryan alternates the shot every other morning. There's small burn but nothing terrible.

Well this is my last day with my daycare kids that I am able to lift them so I am going to go run, chase and hold them today.

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