Friday, August 15, 2008


Went into the center this morning for my first Beta Pregnancy Test. I will have my second Beta on Sunday and they will conform the pregnancy. I just know I am pregnant I feel it, the hospital said they saw a gestational sac when I was in the emergency room and the pee tests are getting a second line darker each day.

Today at my visit I saw Dr Andereko to check my swelling in my belly due to the excess fluid. I still have the ovarian hyper stimulation my ovaries are still around 7 inches and filled with fluid. The fluid is my pelvic cavity causing me to have back pain, nausea, and extremely swollen stomach. I look like I'm 5 months along. It hurts. I need help getting up when I am sitting and rolling out of bed. Sneezing, laughing or twisting of my stomach causes a weird stretching feeling.

Today my resting pulse was 116 due to either being dehydrated or the fluid filling and asking it my breathing more labored. I had two bags of IV fluids pushed into me to help with the dehydration. My orders are to drink Gatorade, Whey protein drinks, and each protein rich foods to help decrease the fluid.

This ovarian hyper stimulation will continue for about 7 more weeks if I am indeed pregnant (which I am) but if I am not the symptoms will immediately go away. So I think I will take the pain hope for the pregnancy.

Im uncomfortable, hot, swollen, and on the verge of exploding. Seriously think my belly is gonna pop. One of my adorable little 3 yr old daycare boys told me right when he walked in this morning. "You think this is bad Mema, wait till you get fat" Oh I love you Colby right out of the mouths of babes. His mom just had a baby so he knows all about it.

Pray for me I dont think Im gonna make it hehhehe

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