Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Well Baby

Well I am feeling so much better. My swelling in my stomach is almost completely gone. It doesnt hurt anymore I can even sleep on my tummy for short periods of time. Something I am going to miss over the next 8 months. I so dont feel pregnant. I know that I am according to my betas but I dont have any symptoms yet. Hey not that Im begging to throw up. Heck no!

A really cool thing happened today I got a calll from Cigna our Health Insurance and she was letting me know they have a Well Baby Program. The offer free in home lactation consultant visits. They cover a Breast Pump and Lamaze classes at 100% coverage plus some other free things as long as you sign up during your first trimester. This is all through Ryans work. Yeeah!

......and I must say I have the most wonderful husband here it is 10pm at night and were laying here and he was telling me about how they bbq'd hot dogs at work. I said What!!! you had hot dogs without me. Hot Dogs have been sounding so good for the past two weeks I crave them. I tell him I so want one right now. We both got silent and were just staring at each other and I said Im serious I really really want one. So my man is at the store right now being fantastic. Think Im gonna love being pregnant but he may not =)

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