Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Did you hear that?

Went in to my fertility doctor for my first normal appointment yet. Was not seen for the hyperstimming, pain or an allergic reation. I saw Dr Murray today he did an ultrasound and showed me the baby right away. First thing he said was woah somebody has grown this week. Baby is measuring exactly 7 weeks one day and he zooms in see theres the heartbeat. I said it so neat then he asks do you want to hear it yes of course I do. It was the most beautiful sound a woosh woosh woosh at 127 bpm. Everything is checking out just fine and I have one more appointment next tuesday Sept 16 and then they will release me to Dr Scates.

Omg am I really leaving the fertility clinic Im am going to be so sad all those women are so nice. I will definetly have to go back and visit and bring the baby forthem to see. I have to go to school right now but I'll post ultrasound pics soon.

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