Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gummy Bear and Sugar

Went it today for my 10 week ultrasound. Ryan and my MIL came with me. When we got there the doctor was over at the hospital delivering a baby boy so he was running a half hour behind. When Dr Cueto came in and did my ultrasound he told me he didn't see enlarged ovaries anymore and the fluid in my belly is gone. Well that's a relief. So know I can just focus on my pregnancy and not worry so much. I was taken off progesterone and all suppositories. I can go back to normal activities so I asked about jogging or running can I do those again because they have some races coming up I would like to enter but he said NO. I thought I would be able to jog =( Oh well he did say I could keep up on my swimming though, and light weights, so I will use that as my training.

The baby measured in at 9 weeks 6 day so that is two days smaller then my actual date so he adjusted my due date to April 29, 2009. The baby looked good, he was jumping all over, the heart was pumping away and the sac looked nice so he said I don't need to come back for four weeks. That makes my next appointment Oct 29. Then the appointment after that should tell me if we are having a boy or a girl Wohoo that's what I'm waiting for I want to shop.

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