Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gummy Bear

Today I went in for my last ultrasound at the Fertility clinic before being released to my OB. I am so sad to leave the Fertility clinic they feel like family and I want to share my pregnancy with them. At the OB I will just be another face that they need to ask my name each time I come in. At the Fertility clinic they greet you by name ask you how you are feeling and know your complete story.

Today my mom and Ryan came to see the baby. Neither of them have seen the baby on ultrasound besides the little gray yolk sac with a teeny tiny baby connected to it that you cant even see. Wow as soon as he put the internal ultrasound in there was the baby. S/he has gotten so big the baby has arms, legs and you can see the tail almost completely gone. He even showed us the umbilical cord and placenta. The baby was moving its arms and legs. We saw the babies heartbeat and listened to it. 154 bpm My mom and Ryan said it looks just like a gummy bear and so the baby has a name for now.

I ended up not picking Dr Scates, I really wanted to see Dr Cueto I just couldn't get an appt at his office so I had tried at Scates office and he was really busy as well. I will have my first appointment with Cueto on Sept 30,08 and Ryan will be able to come to the appointment since I will be having an ultrasound. I will be 10 weeks 1 day for this ultrasound.

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