Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hospital Scare

After a long three day weekend of bedrest I stayed up late on Monday night. At about 9pm I stated having cramps, they were pretty strong and kept steady until I fell asleep at midnight. I was woken up at 3am to go to the bathroom. I had a sharp pain on my left side bad enough that I had to keep my hand pushing on it. I climbed back in to bed but the pain was intense. I reached down and grabbed my laptop off the floor. Ryan woke up and asked me what I was doing. I told him about the pain in my ovary/tube area. He said give me the computer I will look it up. I got down on the ground in the fetal position and just held my baby. I just knew this was it something bad was happening. I called my mom at 3:15am and told her she sid it sounds like a ectopic pregnancy and to go to the hospital. I called my fertility doctor and had him paged. He called back and we talked he asked if I could try and go back to sleep I said no the pain is intense and I am afraid of it getting so bad I wont be able to walk down the stairs to go to the hospital. He said it could be three things and I should go in to the hospital to make sure I did not need surgery.

1. The hyperstimming
2. Ectopic Pregnancy
3. Ovary twisting

We drove to Roseville Hospital and checked in at 3:45am and was placed right into a room. After about an hour they came in and asked for a urine sample. Then the doctor told me she would need to do a pelvic exam. (I was told by my fertility doctor that you should not have a pelvic exam in your first trimester) I was in pain so I didn't protest I just kept saying to Ryan that I don't understand why they are not just getting me over to ultrasound. At around 6am Ryan had to leave to get back home to let the first daycare kids in. I called my assistants to see if they could come in early to help Ryan out. Finally around 7:30am they took me for ultrasound. He did an external ultrasound and showed me the sac. I asked if he saw one or two babies. He kept scanning and said only one sac but no babies in it. I said oh it must be to early to see it. He told me no that it would show up by now. He then proceeded to ask me questions like who told you that you were pregnant? How did you know for sure you were pregnant? I told I had three Beta tests that confirmed the pregnancy. He then said what were those numbers? I told him it was 15, 61, and then like 1869 he asked when was the last beta test. Ohhhhhhh this sucks I am here alone and I just want to call Ryan. The guy asked if he could do an internal ultrasound to check further. I said sure. He went down to the end of the table and pulled the ultrasound machine down to the end of the table where I could no longer see the screen. He then did the ultrasound for another twenty minutes not muttering a single word. Finally at the end I asked "Did you see the baby now" he said I still see an empty sac that is measuring 5 weeks and 3 day.

He quietly pushed me down the hallway where a few tears fell from my eyes. When I got back to my room I jumped out of bed and grabbed my cell phone. I called Ryan and I could barely get the words out "there's no baby in the sac" He instantly said "WHAT!!!!" and started crying which made me start to cry. I said I don't believe them I just dont. I still had the what if he's right in my head. My head was spinning about how our lives would be different now with No Baby. I thought of a million things. We hung up and I called my mom and told her to come down. My phone died and I couldn't make any calls. I felt panicky alone with no way to make a call when I leave here.

About 45 minutes later after a shift change in doctors they finally enter my room and tell me I have a UTI and I need to fill this prescription. Again for the fourth time they ask if I want pain meds. I refuse and say I can handle it and I don't want anything that will hurt the baby. I leave the hospital alone and wander to my moms department were she works. I call her on her cell ughhh she just left the house so that will be at least forty minutes till she's here.

I call my fertility doctor and tell them I need to be seen. They said they are short staffed and busy. I tell them I am at the emergency room and they are telling me I am no longer pregnant I need to come in for an ultrasound. She told me to just come over and wait. My mom shows up and drives me over to the office. I sign and wait only ten minutes before they take me back. They put me directly in a room and I change from the waist down. 5 minutes later she pops her head back in and say I'm sorry Mariah I didn't realize Dr Murray isn't scheduled to be here until 10am and I look its only 9:15am. She said I could just stay in the room and wait so I said fine I'm not leaving till I get an ultrasound. A few minutes later she pops her head in again and ask if I want Dr Carlos-Santo to see me I said yes that would be fine.

The doctor comes in and we tell him what the ER says. He starts the ultrasound and looks at my right ovary and measures it its smaller then last visit. That's good. Then he goes tom y uterus and asks did you empty your bladder first I said no. He says I can see the sac but your bladder is taking up the whole screen can you go empty it. He leaves the room and the nurse pokes her head back in and said I don't worry I saw the baby in the sac. I start jumping up and down. My mom gives me a hug and I say I need to call Ryan and tell him. I tell him quickly but say i will call you right back I need to finish the exam. I empty my bladder and run back to the room. He starts the ultrasound again and shows me the sac with the egg yolk and baby inside. I smile as he zooms in on the sac he tell me it is measuring 5 weeks and 6 days and I am 6 weeks 1 day so only two days off he says not to worry. He then points to a small round oval flashing on the screen and says there's your babies heartbeat. Tears stream out of my eyes. I am so happy and relieved there is a baby and it has a heartbeat. He tells me the pain I am having is probably because my left ovary is large and is probably rocking back and forth hence while the pain is sharp and intense then goes away for few minutes and comes back. 48 hours of bed rest and I should be fine. He reassures me the meds to treat the bladder infection wont hurt the baby and he wants to see me again in a week. So my next appointment is Tuesday, September 9 at 3:45pm. I will learn more about the baby and we will look for another sac.

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