Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Doubled Clomis 2nd Round

Today is Cycle Day One

Here is my outline

Feb 1-28 81mg Baby Asprin
Feb 1-5 100mg Clomid
Feb 6 -10 Estrace 2x a day
Feb 9-12 Test for Positive Surge
Feb 12 Appointment for Ultrasound to see if I ovulated

If I have a Positive surge I will begin Progesterone and get a HCG Injection and have to decide if we want to have intercourse or do Insemination for $350.00

Please keep us in your prayers this week and send positive energy our way. I am trying to think positive thoughts so that this will work but I feel so let down by what happened last month and everything. Although most people I know have not had any successes there first time but it worked there second time so crossing my fingers my body remembers the drugs from last month and will want to ovulate.

My birthday is on Monday and I turn 29 so this would be the most wonderful news!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


So we came to NorCal Fertility Clinic today to go over exactly how to do the Gonal-F shots and exactly how many times I would need to come in for Ultrasounds and estridal blood tests. I also found out we would need two rounds of insemination 48 hrs apart. So total cost for a month of Gonal-F Injections including ultrasounds, blood tests and insemination will run $1,880.00 plus $1000.00 for the actual medication. So we are looking at about $3000.00 for on month of treatment. We would need to do 3 rounds of Injections before moving onto IVF which will cost about $10,000.00 for each IVF Cycle. :::::::::::Big Breath:::::::::::: I have no idea about all this I just sat there numb today. Asking alot of questions but just shocked that I am the one sitting in the chair being told how I can /can't get pregnant and exactly how much it will cost. I just had this feeling of being overwhelmed when she told me my insurance covers 0% even for the meds. My eyes welled up and I just felt hopeless like this just isn't going to work for us. We already have a significant amount of debt that we have been paying off but feel we are going to be in major debt if we continue adding to it. I really don't want to charge any fertility treatments because I don't want to end up pregnant and not being able to afford to live where we ar at and not being able to even buy the things we will need for the baby. I have no problem spending the $3000.00 if I knew it would work for sure. Its just all the doubts we could have about it. My sadness becomes hate. I hate the lady sitting next to me in the waiting room who has three kids but here and her husband are trying to have a 4th. I just want ONE! I hate the nurse we talk to today who jokingly told us her daughter and daughter-in-law had no problem getting pregnant the first two times but they had to take meds for both of them to get pregnant with their third. I hate how they can sit there and tell me sorry your not covered but then not say we give patients without insurance a discount or why don't you just wait a year or two and switch to Kaiser they cover more. I don't want to wait a year or two. I hate every time somebody tells me "Don't worry your 'e young" or "Don't be in a rush". I am one year away from being 30 yrs old I want to be a young mom who wants to roll on the floor and play with their child who doesn't hush them while they are playing. I want to enjoy every second of it while I am young. I know God has some crazy plan for both Ryan and I, I just want to know what it is. So God if you are listening I am waiting please let me know what to do!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


So we made a trip to the fertility clinic and didn't hear good news. My follicles barely grew and they could see each ovary had at least 20 immature eggs in each. He said my follicles need to at least double in size in order for me to ovulate.

Since my insurance does not cover my ultrasounds just the medication. He asked if I wanted to try another round of Clomid before moving on to the more expensive options. I said why not at least try. So I will try another round of Clomid this next month on a doubled dose and will go in on the 11th day of my cycle for another ultrasound to see it then.

I asked what was the more expensive option and it would be injections. I would need 10 days of Gonal-F shots. I called my insurance company and they cover the shots and I will just need to pay an increased co-pay. The part that is not covered is the $220.00 ultrasounds that I would need on Day 2, 4, 6, 9, and 11.

We have an appointment this Wednesday to meet with the Nurse advisor for the first hour to go over the risks of the shots and then we meet with the financial advisor to go over the total costs for the entire treatments.

For right now Ryan and I decided to do another round of Clomid with the double dosage hoping that will increases our chance of ovulating. I am on Progesterone right now until we are ready to do the Clomid Cycle again. Sorry I didn't keep this updated. After we went in for the ultrasound I was crushed that it didn't work. Ryan is keeping me happy saying that we have not heard any bad news yet that we cant make a baby. The doctor keeps reassuring us it will happen it is just going to take some time. My eyes welled up when he said it didn't work because I was for sure that it did. Ryan and I enjoyed a nice lunch afterwards at La Bou to talk about how we each felt about the disappointment and how we will make it through this financial hardship. Right now it doesn't seem possible to me but in a year when we are out of debt we might be more financial fit to throw all our money at this. He is very positive that we will find a way to make all of this work and that we will continue... I will update more next wee after our appointment next Wednesday to let you know what we decide.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Day 1 of 4

So I tested for my LH Surge this morning (Monday) to see if I had a positive surge. The test only indicated a small amount so I will have to test again tomorrow morning. I will test Tuesday , then Wednesday and Thursday mornings and hope the test shows positive on one of those days. If I never have a positive surge I will go in on Thursday to be checked. We are using the Easy Blue Ovulation Predictor Kit but it says right on the box, Results may not be accurate if you have PCOS. That is why its important to go in for the ultrasound.

Your probably wondering what is a LH Surge! Everyone women has a small amount of LH in her system during her month cycle, but the day before you ovulate your body releases a good amount of LH to help the egg slides through your tubes. We are hoping to catch this surge so we know when to conceive.

Last night when we were at Ryan's folks house, his mom pointed to an article that Ryan's Dad had saved for me on healthy diets while trying to conceive a baby. The article basically told me a few clues on things like stay away from Trans Fats, starches like bagel, white bread and potato's and low fat milk. While you are trying to conceive you should have either a glass of WHOLE milk, ice cream made with whole milk, or whole fat yogurt. It also recommended a book called The Fertility Diet so I went to Barnes and Noble and picked one up today. I will start reading it tonight and see what I am doing right or wrong. I will try anything to help up make this happen. I'll write again tomorrow and let you know how my test turned out.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

LH Surge

Tomorrow we start taking our ovulation tests to check for our LH Surge. I will test Monday through Thursday and if the test is positive for a surge we will go in for an Ultrasound that day. If I don't show a surge by Thursday then I will go this Thursday to check what my ovaries look like and do a follicle count. Very anxious I can't wait to see if it all worked. I feel so impatient I just want to know that everything worked and we have a pregnancy. I feel antsy like we are already pregnant. I can't wait to start shopping. I keep imagining what the room will look like. I really feel it is going to work and we are having a boy. SO please think of Ryan and I this week and bless us that the meds work and that we become pregnant this week. Keeping my finger crossed!

Thursday, January 3, 2008


Well I haven't written in quite awhile so it will be lengthy today. I hope everone had a great Holiday and enjoyed spending time with your family.

Ok I don't really know if my husband is psychic at all. I don't really believe in psychics, fortune telling or seeing into the future but my husband is really starting to freak me out.

Since I have known him he has always told me silly things like this is going to happen or I feel lucky about this and seriously he is most of the time right. The thing that always freaks me out is the way he can predict from the first show who will win. He has been right about every Americas Next Top Model Season except one. But the girl he picked came in third so that's not bad. Right could be luck! When we go to Thunder Valley he is really good at cards and will smart fully walk away when he has made twice what we came with. Still luck! Well last night we were watching Deal or No Deal and I swore he was freaking me out. The lady would pick a case and he would say "There's $300 inside" and they would open it and there would be $300. Sometimes he wouldn't have a number come to him but he would say its a bad case with lots of zeros in it. He was right about everything. I turned to him and said are we going to get pregnant first time. He told me he really didn't know he didn't feel anything yet but would let me know as soon as he felt something.

The next day He was driving to work and he saw a green car and he felt that meant luck that we would conceive first try. He said he didn't know why the green car meant that to him but he kept seeing other things to that were telling him the same thing. He read the License plate on this green car and and it said something 2Ponys and he felt that meant two babies both boys. He called me to tell me all this and I'm not sure about the truth in seeing into the future but wouldn't it be cool if he could and this happened to us. I would be ecstatic! Thats my dream Identical twins. I would really like a boy ....or a girl I don't really care just would like a healthy baby that is MINE! That is so cool.

But anyway's we had a very nice holiday break I had from Christmas Eve to New Years day off. Very Very relaxing but it went by so fast. With Christmas , Ryan's 29th birthday and New Years in there I felt like I never really sat home and had a veg day. Christmas Eve we went up to Ryan's Cousins house and visited with them and had yummy holiday appetizers. I thought it was going to be somewhat hard for me to refuse a glass of champagne or soda but it really wasn't. I have decided to say goodbye to caffeine to better our chances in getting pregnant, and am not really into drinking but I do like champagne and having some at Holiday parties is the best. On Christmas day, my parents, Ryan's parents, my gma and gpa and my aunt and uncle all came over for a brunch at our house. Ryan's dad made delicious custom omelettes for everyone and I made yummy thick french toast. Then all the men went up to community my mom lives in and went golfing while the girls went to my moms to make an early dinner. We had our gift exchange and Ryan got a new Dartboard and a shirt and tie for work. I got some charms for my PanDora Bracelet, a quilt made by my aunt for the baby. My mom gave a nice check and we used it to finish our living room. It is so nice to have One kid free room that is decorated beautiful and is relaxing to sit in.

After Dinner at my mom we headed to Ryan's parents house for another dinner. She decorated so pretty, it looked just like a winter wedding The tables had drapes to the floor with a red overlay pretty china and gorgeous flower display in the middle of the tables. Ryan and I were pretty full but we managed to eat another wonderful meal. We did our gift giving and receiving with his family. I get so excited about the gifts I perfectly picked out for others that I forget that I get gifts also. I like making people smile when they open a gift that they really like and it was a total surprise. His parents bought us a great Video camera which will come in so handy for the pregnancy and to record the baby. I am planning on Ryan making a daddy cam of his experience to pass down to our baby.

So what your probably really wanting to know is when will we be pregnant?? We keep being asked and asked so as of Today Jan 3rd it was my last day of Clomid pills and I am on 5 days of another hormone pill then I start testing for my ovulation. Then Ryan and I are able to make a baby. I should go in sometime next week so I can get an ultrasound of my ovaries and make sure that the medicine worked if I am in fact pregnant then I will get a HCG Shot to boost the pregnancy and then some suposiitories so I can maintain the pregnancy. So please say a little prayer for me and Ryan that we are blessed with this little miracle or miracles.
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