Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day

This year was my turn to surprise Ryan with Valentines treat for him. We take turns surprising each other with Valentines treats. Last year he was extremely awesome and laid red rose pedals from the top of the stairs into the bedroom then to the bathtub. When I turned to look in the bathroom he had a bath ran with bath milk in it and red pose pedals floating on the water. There were about 50 candles lit and a CD player with song "Your Beautiful" from James Blunt CD on repeat. Which was one of my favorite songs at the time.

So how in the world was I going to top that. I have class after work on Valentines Day so we were not going to be able to see each other till after 10:00pm. So I got up early and made his lunch like I always do but this time I added a Valentines Day card and a Godiva chocolate Bar with wrapping around it that said I love you. Inside the card it said I know we wont be able to be together on Valentines Day but I hop that you wouldn't mind waiting until Saturday to drive to Napa and ride the Napa Valley Wine Train and tour a Vineyard for a private taste testing. We love Napa! He left for work but all day I kept thinking I want to do something for him today. After work I went upstairs to our living room and I was cleaning the glass on the coffee table when I realized exactly what I was going to do. I went to our computer and started going through all the pictures we have taken and printed out in black and white all the memorable ones. I picked up the glass on the coffee table and made a collage of the pictures on it. I then ran downstairs and made Chicken tortellini with pesto and walnuts on top, corn on the cob, garlic bread and fruit on sticks. I bought this cool red vase that has two champagne flutes in it that you either have to hold or return to the vase when you want to set it down. I put a bottle of Mumm Napa Rose to keep with the theme. I lighted about 10 candles and put them around the room. When he got home he was shocked because he thought we were just going to Napa and it was sweet of me to make dinner special. Yay Nice things can be free to!

I did buy him a new pair of running shoes though. We are doing a Half Marathon together on March 16 at Raley Field called Shamrock'N. I am stoked I am going to push myself through this event and believe that I will be able to finish the 13.1 miles. I am just excited to be healthy right now, we both starting taking Juice Plus and IO joined a Momma Boot Camp Class in Roseville and ran 2.25 miles last week and the did an hour of training with the group of mommas. It was fun and I look forward to getting shape and feeling good and having more energy. It has been warming up and its already feeling like Spring. This is my favorite time of the year just makes me feel HAPPY!

Monday, February 11, 2008

False Hopes

It took me awhile to be able to even want to share this news with you. We went in for our ultrasound to look at my ovaries and the doctor informed me we had a false positive. Immediately I said Ugggggh are you kidding me? I knew this was going to happen to me. He said by looking at the ultrasound it should be Wednesday if I ovulate based on the size of te follicles so I have another appointment on Wednesday for the same ultrasound. He also informed me that he feels that Clomid is not going to work for me that we will need to do other forms of treatment.

Geesh I was so happy for a second and now I feel I am knocked back down again. At least I didn't cry I'm really not that upset I know it will work I just need to be more patient. Just wish I had more money to go on to the next step. We will figure it all out though somehow.

**The adorable little girl in the picture is Beth's daughter. Beth was my Matron of Honor and I just love Beth she is super sweet. She threw a party after Christmas and we all went down there to see there new home they had built, which is super gorgeous. We got to see baby Abbey for the first time and I just love this picture Ryan caught of her and I playing.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

I ovulated Wohooo!!

So today was my first day to test this morning and I was to use my 2nd pee to test with. I got up at 6:30am to go for the 1st time that morning and went back to bed. I woke up at 7:30 to go to my last day of my college class. Was waiting for the last possible minute so I could have enough to test with. Well I did and almost immediately it turned positive I was like woah. You have to think I have taken a lot of pregnancy test and predictor tests and nothing has ever turned positive so I almost fell over and cried of happiness. I brought it out of the bathroom ever so carefully to make sure it remained flat and set it on the counter to wait the entire 3 minutes of the test. I walked away trying to pass the time but every time I looked at it was still bright pink. I asked Ryan to come look at something (those that know Ryan personally I had ask about 5 times and even act like we won the Lottery to get him to come in.) He is not a morning person so he stumbled into the bathroom and I covered his eyes and said Surprise. He said oh wow I knew it. We hugged and he stumbled back to bed. I am so excited I am waiting for a call from the Fertility Clinic this morning so we will see what is to come of today.
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