Thursday, July 31, 2008


So now that we convereted to IVF cycle things are going so fast and I completely overwelmed with information, med changes, appointments and everyone's positive attitude.

SO far this is what we found out today.Esradiol Level is 1857Left Ovary has 10 follicles ranging from 13.5 - 16mmRight Ovary has 8-9 follicles ranging from 14 - 15.5mm

Not sure if I mentioned before but the follicles are mature between 18-20mm so we are on our way.

They prescribed a list of meds for me and sent me to Safeway to fill and bring back for explanation on how to mix and when to give. Was not expecting the $413.00 but I have no choice.

My list of Meds now includesSHOTS:
75 Gonal-F Shot Nightly
Luveras Shot Morning
Citrotrite Shot each morning*
Menopur shot morning

Zithromax Antibiotic 2x day
Medrol 2x a day (The nasty tasting pill ever I'd rather have a shot)
PrimacareOne 1x a day
Baby Aspirin 1x a day
Garlic 1x a day
FishOil 1x a day

*The citrotrite shot I took above burned while I was putting it in. I took at the center so they could show me how to mix the medication. I proceeded with my other shot and was sent back to the waiting room to wait for the endocrinologist. My stomach felt funny and I kept pulling at my shirt felt like I had a bee sting. After the egg class I said excuse me I need to check my stomach. When I lifted it up it looked like someone had slapped me and left a fire red welt. It was puffy and blotchy. I asked her to get my nurse,when my nurse came in she said oh my, let me get the doctor and the doctor came and said oh my. He asked me to take the medrol in my antibiotic bag and I can take some benadryl and they will give me a deeper needle for tomorrows shot of the same med.

The endocrinoligist went over what will happen on day of egg retrieval and how they will care for our embryos and blastocycts. I learned they are embryos until day 4 then when the cells have divided so much on day 5 they are called blastocysts. They will call me on Day 1 to tell me how many eggs they pulled out and what they will grade them. Then they will call next day to tell me how many fertilized. If by day 3 there are still to many to choose from they will let them grow out till day 5. So I will either have a day 3 or a day 5 transfer.

Hoping for day 5 as you have a better odd for implantation in your uterus. We have an appointment on Saturday to measure Estradiol level and have our last ultrasound. I will also receive my HCG shot that will trigger me to ovulate.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Decision Time

So Ryan and I nervously show up at our appointment and were hoping for good news. We did our ultrasound and the doctor counted and measured each follicle. The Left ovary has ten follicles measuring from 9.5 to 11mm and the right ovary has 8 follicles and measures from 10.5 to 11mm. There are still to many follicles to proceed with the insemination because each follicle will produce a egg and we do not want 18 children. Lol So we asked the doctor several questions and what our official options are now. My Estradiol level is 988 now

1) Cancel the cycle
2) Convert to an IVF cycle.

We asked about percentages and even with another cycle of shots our chance is 20% and he clearly stated it usually takes a few cycles before patients get pregnant then he said but sometimes it can take just one.

With IVF our chances for my age are around 50-65% and it increases with each cycle. So at three cycles we would be around 75% and the odds getting pregnant on first IVF cycle are very good. So we we quickly came to the decision to go ahead and choose IVF and not do two more cycles of shots.

Another benefit will be any remaining eggs can be cryofreezed then if its a failed IVF or we want to have a brother/sister for our child I will not have to go through with all the shots again to stimulate me. Woohoo!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Estradiol Test

I went in at 9am this morning for a very quick blood draw. The nurse explained I would hear from them if something was wrong, or they needed to increase/decrease my meds. I am inpatient and want them to call either way but I guess I'm just hoping for no call. The phone rang several times today and I crossed my fingers each time but it wasn't the doctors office. Then at 2:30pm they finally called they just went over my test results and the doctor wants me to Decrease my shots. Instead of 150 he wants me to cut it down to 75 and come in tomorrow morning for another estradiol test and a ultrasound. I'm so nervous in a good way. I'm happy because I have results but I'm scared I only want 1-2 babies but not 5 babies.

See I kept telling everyone that I couldn't fit my pants and I knew it was working I could feel it. Wozers we are on our way guess we'll find out more tomorrow. The appointment is at 8:15am so Ryan will be able to go in with me before work. Oh ya the Estradiol level was 690 not sure how high that is or what is a normal level but they said its high and I need to decrease my meds so we will. Update tomorrow fetor ultrasound.

Ok im kinda worried I think the more I read about fertility things the more I panic. I was reading if you overstim then your cycle can get canceled and you have to start all over ok um thats not what I want. Praying hard tonight that God helps us through this and sees us to the end on happy healthy pregnancy. Wanting to be apart of the Moms Club really bad.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Holy Buttons

So we have three of the ten shots done now. There super easy I was just being a woose. I still have to count to three before we stab but its not painful just awkward. I cant believe but this medicine has made be bloat so bad. The jeans I wore last week will not even button. So I got out my "boyfriend" jeans because they fit the loosest and are way baggy in the butt. Well apparently there not they buttoned tightly and I completely fill them out. I'm thinking I still have 7 shots left Oh God I'm gonna be a blimp by that time. All that training for my triathlon is gone. This baby better take up a new area code in my belly because I'm not getting fat for nothing.

Alisha and I Adelante School Dance

On a sad note an old Best friend of mine died four days ago of an overdose of Methadone. I just didn't believe it when I heard it no way not Alisha I could think of a few people it wouldn't shock me but Alisha is sweet and funny. Then I imagined her 7 year old daughter hearing that mommy didn't wake up that morning and it brings tears to my eyes. Her sister has been practically raised by Alisha too and is still in High School. I feel very terrible for the family and can't even imagine the pain they have. I hadn't talked to her in a few years since I moved off of Butterball Way. She lived around the corner from me and we would hang out. She borrowed a stroller from me and never brought it back I bugged her a few times for it but never got it back. So sad to lose a friend over something so small but I was mad. It was like she avoided me after she borrowed it but if she lost it or someone stole it just tell me then I wont be wondering why you never gave it back. Oh well nothing I can do or say now. Lust made me grow a little and realize life is so short cherish people in it, don't hold grudges and don't carry hate in the heart. RIP Alisha Rodrigues 2/3/80 to 7/22/08

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

First Shot

So we decided that night time would be the best for our shots as we both can be home around 10pm. We got all of the stuff out and set up a mini prep area on our bed. Surprisingly we were both nervous probably purely off the fact we did not know what we were doing. I carefully cleaned the top of the bottle with a alcohol swab and added the liquid into the bottle filled with the powdered Gonal F. I then loaded it into the syringe I went to pass it to Ryan and then got extremely nervous and said I cant let you do it. The needle looked a lot bigger then what I thought it was (It really was the size of what you get your blood drawn with) But my nerves were getting to me. Ryan cleaned my belly off where we were going to give the injection. I counted then stuck the needle in, it was like stuck on my skin I pushed a little harder and it just seemed like the top layer of my skin was tight and wasn't letting the needle enter my body then it was like my skin gave way and the needle rushed all the way in. Ryan pushed the plunger thing in and put the medicine in we waited 5 seconds like we were told and pulled the needle out. We both were quiet and felt this rush its just crazy what we are doing. This whole process is just overwhelming to me.

The needle didn't hurt at all I was just scared I told Ryan sorry for not letting him do it but I just needed to do it myself the first time and that he can do it tomorrow night. He said its okay and he doesn't want to hurt me either. SO now that I'm not scared anymore I think this will be easier.

Our course is to continue with shots everyday until my test on Monday to see if its working and then we will continue. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Baseline Ultrasound

Today I had my Baseline ultrasound and went over my medications with my nurse coordinator. I haven't decided if I will do my shots in the morning or in the evening. I think morning would be good since I know I will see my husband otherwise we will need to do shots late around 10pm or 11pm as he has soccer 3-4 days a week and this is what time he gets home.

Everything is set though here is our schedule:

July 23 till Aug 1 Gonal-F shots,Take 81mg Baby Asprin Daily this whole month
July 28 Blood Estridol TestJuly 30 Blood Estridol Test & Ultrasound
July 31 will start having daily ultrasounds to monitor my follicles
Aug 1 Ovidrel Shot to make me ovulate
Aug 2 Insemination
Aug 3 Insemination
Aug 4 Start Progestrone Suppositories
Aug 19 Beta HCG Pregnancy Test
If positive an Ultrasound will be scheduled in 6 weeks

The doctor I had explain everything about what will happen. He told me that in patients that had absolutely no response in Clomid Treatments that shots always work. But he said that they usually work to good and that we have to closely watch my follicle count closely. An ideal response would be 3-4 follicles. If we have over 4 but under 8/10 then we will do a procedure with a needle and suck out the extra follicles. Risks are they could accidentally suck out the egg to. And in some cases they have seen 20 follicles and in case that happens we will have two choices. One will be to terminate this cycle and try again a different month (not really an option to me) The other option would be to do IVF which he said I would be sedated for about five minutes to get the eggs out but there is an increased cost with that. (Can I get a Credit Card increase)

So I left the office feeling confident happy and excited. I have been trying to not show these emotions as I dont want to be crushed if this doesn't work but they made me feel like its just going to so I am going to let myself go with this feeling and just be excited for the moment.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Back from Minnesota

We had a wonderful time visiting family and have settled back into the routine of things. Its so nice to be away and have no responsibilities but when you get back they are all stacked up. The mail stack was about a foot and a half, the answering machine was full and we had over 300 emails. Oh I want to go back. I also finished one of my ECE classes with a A and took my Math Final and am awaiting the grade for that class.

On Thursday Ryan and I went to the fertility clinic for a Baseline Ultrasound to start our cycle. They were surprised I hadn't started my period yet so they wanted to give me a pregestrone shot but my insurance wouldn't pay for it so I am on 7 days of provera pills to hopefully start. When I do get my period we will go back in for the same ultrasound and on day two will start my shots. Should be Monday or Tuesday for our next appointment. I will update again soon. This month will have lots of updates as we have a pretty good chance of getting pregnant this cycle.
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