Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Well Baby

Well I am feeling so much better. My swelling in my stomach is almost completely gone. It doesnt hurt anymore I can even sleep on my tummy for short periods of time. Something I am going to miss over the next 8 months. I so dont feel pregnant. I know that I am according to my betas but I dont have any symptoms yet. Hey not that Im begging to throw up. Heck no!

A really cool thing happened today I got a calll from Cigna our Health Insurance and she was letting me know they have a Well Baby Program. The offer free in home lactation consultant visits. They cover a Breast Pump and Lamaze classes at 100% coverage plus some other free things as long as you sign up during your first trimester. This is all through Ryans work. Yeeah!

......and I must say I have the most wonderful husband here it is 10pm at night and were laying here and he was telling me about how they bbq'd hot dogs at work. I said What!!! you had hot dogs without me. Hot Dogs have been sounding so good for the past two weeks I crave them. I tell him I so want one right now. We both got silent and were just staring at each other and I said Im serious I really really want one. So my man is at the store right now being fantastic. Think Im gonna love being pregnant but he may not =)

Monday, August 25, 2008

3rd Beta

Had a little bit of a scare over the weekend. I decided to switch back to my progesterone oil shot from the Endometrin on Friday and Saturday to see if my body was infact allergic to it or it was something else. Saturday morning I woke up with the wind out of me and a cold sensation in my throat each time I took a breath. When i bent over or laid on one side it was harder to breath and just sitting on the couch i hearda weezing sound coming from my chest. I figured the fluid had moved up to my lungs. I called the center and they wanted to see me. By the time we went in I was no longer weezing. I had an ultrasound and there was still alot of extra fluid and my ovaries are still enlarged from the Hyperstimulation. They have decreased from 7cm to 6cm. Normal ovaries are around 3cm just so you know. My belly circumference measured 97cm thats 1cm down from the visit two days ago and I was weighing in 3 pounds less then a few days ago so things seem to be getting better.

By Saturday early evening I developed a rash on the inside of my arms. The rash is extremely itchy almost hive like. By Sunday morning my belly was itchy also and I was okayed to take Benadryl and applying hydrocortisone to the rash. The weezing also seem to come back off and on.

I didnt sleep much sunday night and I woke up with wet sweatpants and felt this gushing sensation of water a few times. Enough to get me up to change clothes. When I woke up it was like my stomach diasappeared overnight. I jumped on the scale and I was 4 pounds down. This concerned me that I lost some fluid, lost my belly and lost the weight in one night, I worried that the baby wasn't doing good thats why the hyperstimming was doing better.

When I called to report the rash, the weightloss, weezing and fluid they asked me to come come in immedietly. I did lose some weight but my belly was measuring the same size which was suprising. Today wasthe first day I was able to fit in my jeans and not have to wear maternity jeans. My belly visually is smaller and I can see my feet and even bend over and touch my toes. They did a blood draw and checked my Hcg Panel to make sure everything was where it needed to be. The doctor asked when my third beta was scheduled and I said Wednesday. He asked do you want to do it early and get it done today. I said yes, yes, yes.

They just called and told me that my beta was 1869. Thats a doubling time of every 1.62 days. My first doubling time was every 23 hours. I probably have only one baby in there but who knows could be two since doubles times are usually every 2 days up to your 4th week and then it slows down to every 3-4 days after that. We will just have to wait and see. My first ultrasound is scheduled next week on Sep 3rd to actually see the baby. We did check today but its still to early to pick up up on the screen.

8/15/08 Beta 1 was 15
8/17/08 Beta 2 was 61
8/25/08 Beta 3 was 1869

Monday, August 18, 2008

IV Fluids

Went into the doctor again today because I am so uncomfortable. My belly was 93cm before they tapped and drained over a liter on Saturday. Afterwards I lost 6 pounds.

We had a very special dinner at Ryan's parents house with my grandparents, my mom and dad, Ryan's brother Jason and girlfriend Caprice. We surprised my grandparents and Ryans dad with the news with the positive test. We brought gifts for everyone. My mom was given a a picture frame saying "Great moms get promoted to grandmothers" Ryan's dad received one about Dads. Ryans mom was given a pandora charm of a baby buggy and a onsie that Traci made that said "If Mama says NO, Ask Nana". My Grandparents received a Onsie that said "My fingers may be small but I already have my great grandparents wrapped around them".

I Felt so much better on Saturday and even Sunday morning till about noon, then I am started swelling again and measured at 98cm and gained back 8 pounds. I wasn't feeling very good right from the start and by dinnertime I wasn't having much of a appetite. I needed to go lay down I had been on my feet to much. We ended up calling Dr Andreko and letting her know how uncomfortable I am and she wanted to see me at 10am on Monday to possibly tap again. We ending up deciding to hold off and put some distance between the taps so my body can recover. I did have IV fluids put in and some more human plasma. I might need to come back in to the center every few days to get IV therapy to stay hydrated because I had completely stopped peeing due to dehydration.

The doctor has asked me to remain on bedrest for another week to two weeks so my condition can get better. The more I am on my feet the more I will have the extended stretching in my stomach. The Ovarian Hyper Stimulation (OHHS) can last 7-8 more weeks and the more I take care of my body the quicker I will recover.

The Baby this week......................This week marks the beginning of the embryonic period. From now until 10 weeks, all of the baby's organs will begin to develop and some will even begin to function. Right now the baby is an embryo the size of a poppy seed, consisting of two layers: the epiblast and the hypoblast, from which all of the organs and body parts will develop.

Also present now are the amniotic sac, which will house the baby; the amniotic fluid, which will cushion him/her as they grows; and the yolk sac, which produces the baby's red blood cells and helps deliver nutrients to him/her until the placenta has developed and is ready to take over this duty.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Just found out......

WERE PREGNANT! The picture showing is of the different pee sticks from Friday, Saturday and then Sunday. You can see how much the difference in how dark the line got.

Beta number 1 needed to be at least 10 and Beta number two needs to double from the first number.

Beta #1 was 15 on Friday morning
Beta #2 was 61 on Sunday morning

So we are 100% totally pregnant. According to a HCG Calculator that Traci used when I gave her the numbers we could be expecting twins. The doubling times should be every 36-48 hrs and mine are doubling every 23 hours.

Today is a calm day I am just relaxing so that I am able to work this week. I miss my daycare kiddos and I know they are missing me. They are going to be so excited. At circle time I going to tell them then see if they think its one or two babies and if they are boys, girls, or both.

I am feeling so much better after yesterdays procedure I can breath and I can get out of a chair all by myself. I still have no appetite but am doing everything they have asked me to do to keep the fluid from coming back. My stomach around noon starting having that tight pulling feeling so I beg please please dont let the fluid come back. That was such a horrible feeling. I was begging everyone to just put me out of my mysery.

My next appointment is scheduled for Aug 27th for a third Beta to see how high the numbers have reached.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Extra Fluid

Today is the one of worst. I can't sleep, lay on my side, or move without being in pain. My breathing is labored and when I take a big breath its pushes on the fluid causing me pain. I woke up at 6am and took a bath which ended up with me balling in pain. I spent most of the morning crying. I waited until the center opened at 8:30am to call I told them about the pain, the weight gain, and that my stomach is even more rounded and the extreme chest pain I was having. The doctor was in the middle of a egg retrieval so I would need to wait till 11:30am for an appointment.

When we arrived they did my vitals. I now weigh 150 pounds (15 pound increase) since I started this cycle my pulse was elevated 133. The doctor did an exam and the rash I had on my shoulders has now spread down my chest and onto my stomach. The doctor still believes it is the progesterone oil shots and wants me to switch to an internal progesterone pill. The oil is $70 a bottle and last almost 3 weeks, this new medicine costs $135 for a ten day supply and I would need to be on it for another 6 weeks.

During the exam she measured my belly again and it was 92cm the prior day and is 93cm today. She said there was more flud inside my abdominal cavity and they would go ahead and do the surgery to remove the extra fluid. They wheeled me back to the surgery area where I switched into a hospital gown and a IV was started. They gave me some saline fluid and medicine for the pain. They also gave me some human plasma that will prevent the fluid from going anywhere during the procedure and cause infection. She gave me something for nausea also. Within in ten minutes I couldn't even talk my words were slurred and I felt drugged I kept asking for my mom but they wouldn't let her back until they were done doing all there tests and medications. I started to cry again because I was so scared. I kept crycing I want my mom. A few moments later I said I need to go to the bathroom. She walked to the bathroom and I opened the door and asked can I have my mom now. My mom came in and I told her I'm gonna throw up right now. I dry heaved about ten times I have had no appetite so there was nothing to throw up. It hurt so bad to use all those muscle when my belly was so stretched and my breathing was labored. I stumbled back to the gurney where I told my mom I feel so drugged that I cant see or talk.

Few moments later the doctor was here and ready for the procedure I drunkenly walked to operating room where they put me in stirrups. I could barely see due to the drugs but I saw a two foot long needle and I decided I will just close my eyes the whole procedure.

She used a little litocane to numb but I could feel the needle pierce each time. It took about fifteen minutes but she pulled 1100cc out which is slightly more then one of those large gatorade bottles. I slid over to another gurney and they put me back into the recovery room where I slept. They unhooked my IV and I got dressed. They weighed me and I lost 6 pounds of fluid. I laughed and said I'll be back tomorrow lets suck out some more fluid. I walked to the car, I was so sleepy but felt so much better I that could walk without pain, I could take a deep breath.

My mom, Ryan and I went to Red Robin for lunch where I ate my tortilla soup then fell asleep on the table. We drove home and I climbed into bed at 4pm and Ryan woke me around 10pm to drink a whey Protein shake. Tomorrow is my 2nd Beta Pregnancy Test at 8:00am and they will call us in the afternoon to give us the numbers.

Friday, August 15, 2008


Went into the center this morning for my first Beta Pregnancy Test. I will have my second Beta on Sunday and they will conform the pregnancy. I just know I am pregnant I feel it, the hospital said they saw a gestational sac when I was in the emergency room and the pee tests are getting a second line darker each day.

Today at my visit I saw Dr Andereko to check my swelling in my belly due to the excess fluid. I still have the ovarian hyper stimulation my ovaries are still around 7 inches and filled with fluid. The fluid is my pelvic cavity causing me to have back pain, nausea, and extremely swollen stomach. I look like I'm 5 months along. It hurts. I need help getting up when I am sitting and rolling out of bed. Sneezing, laughing or twisting of my stomach causes a weird stretching feeling.

Today my resting pulse was 116 due to either being dehydrated or the fluid filling and asking it my breathing more labored. I had two bags of IV fluids pushed into me to help with the dehydration. My orders are to drink Gatorade, Whey protein drinks, and each protein rich foods to help decrease the fluid.

This ovarian hyper stimulation will continue for about 7 more weeks if I am indeed pregnant (which I am) but if I am not the symptoms will immediately go away. So I think I will take the pain hope for the pregnancy.

Im uncomfortable, hot, swollen, and on the verge of exploding. Seriously think my belly is gonna pop. One of my adorable little 3 yr old daycare boys told me right when he walked in this morning. "You think this is bad Mema, wait till you get fat" Oh I love you Colby right out of the mouths of babes. His mom just had a baby so he knows all about it.

Pray for me I dont think Im gonna make it hehhehe

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Transfer Day

Got up really early and took a shower just so I could spend some time alone this morning to think. It was peaceful quite while Ryan and the dogs were still sleeping.

We arrived at 8am for acupuncture and during my treatment I just couldn't stop smiling thinking about today and soaking in every second. I want to remember and keep this with me, this journey to get here. Its been amazing and a blessing.

We head to the center where we sit in Dr Murrays office to discuss our babies and see pictures. He says all 13 are still alive some have slowed down in growing but they have chosen these two. He slides a photo to me. I can't believe how big they have grown. One was extremely larger then the other. They are between 200-300 cells now. The large one is cramped inside the egg case and is ready to hatch. The larger one should implant sometime tonight followed by the other one tomorrow. They will freeze some today and some tomorrow but we wont find out how many till tomorrow when they call.

We then head to an exam room for an ultrasound to make sure my bladder was full enough and the nurse gave me my progesterone shot while we waited. Then my nurse Roxanne came in and brought me a valium to help me relax. I was going to refuse as I wasn't that nervous but Dr Murray said it might even help them implant so what the hey give me one. We then moved down to the lab and sat in their waiting room holding onto a picture taken of the babies this morning. We put some hospital booties on and headed down the hall to a room where I was to undress and lay on a table. Relaxing music filtered the room and the skylights were covered in butterflies and clouds. The endocrinologist came in and brought us a second picture of the babies. They have grown even more since the this morning pictures.

Finally the doctor comes in and cleans off my cervix and he endocrinologist bring in a catheter/syringe looking thing with my babies all loaded in there. She places it between my legs and hands it to the doctor. I am able to see the ultrasound and can see the catheter tip on the screen now and then two white blobs enter. I ask Are you in my uterus yet and he said yes the babies are in there now to. Wow Really?? That didn't even hurt a bit I didn't feel anything. They set a timer for fifteen minutes and tell me to lie still and wait for the timer and then I can use the restroom and we can go home.

I smile so big and tell my husband "were pregnant" I cant believe it. This is so exciting. After about ten minutes my legs start trembling and I ask the nurse if we could lay them flat. We do and I have just a few more minutes. I call my mom to tell her they are in and she asks if she can say a prayer for me and we do. I head to the bathroom and was reassured you can not pee, sneeze, or cough them out.

We drove over to the acupuncturist to do my post treatment. She places all the needles in and I relaxed on the table and fell asleep. Ryan ran to get us La Bou and came back just when I was done. I climbed in the car I feel so blissful and just have this overwhelming feeling we are pregnant and expecting both babies. I recline the seat in the car and rest. We have to stop by our house and pick up the keys to Ryans parents house, my medications and all of our stuff that we packed a few days ago. My mom says she will watch Bella for me so we pack up her crate and things and bring her with us. When she jumped into the car she was so happy to see me that she jumps on my chest and slept there the entire way to the Dorns house.

I have just been resting today. My grandpa came by and picked up Ryan so my uncle, dad, grandpa and him could go golfing. It is my grandpas birthday so the fam went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant and my grandparents brought me by some food. My mom and dad are headed over to bring me some desert and see the pictures of the babies and Ryan has headed down the hill to let Allie outside and do the daycare grocery shopping before he heads back up here for the night.

I just feel so amazingly blessed right now and am filled with such positive thoughts and feel so loved by so many friends and family. I thank everyone who called us right after the transfer and wished us luck and wishes. I found some beautiful flowers on my porch from Traci and Kylee and a fresh Pineapple with a card that say pineapples make the baby stick so eat up. =) Thank you that was so sweet. My mom just arrived so I will spend some time with her. Talk to everyone tomorrow.

Friday, August 8, 2008

One More Day

So I am in a great mood today, not so yesterday. I was upset that the transfer got moved, and I like having a plan and it was changed without my say. I think it was my first day feeling all the hormones and I was really moody. I wanted to argue with my husband for no reason. I woke up mad at him because he didn't talk to me before I went to bed last night and I am the one that is in pain and I really wanted him to feel sorry for me or something. I didn't want him to leave and go to work. I get tired of his work schedule sometimes even though he works 10:00am -7:00pm I cant count the last time he was home 9:00pm. I know its not his fault he likes to work hard and wants to move up at his work

I did realize I do have some reasons to be moody
*No Caffeine (Which means No Dr Pepper)
*No Coffee
*No Ice Cream
*No Ice in my drinks
*No Jamba
*No Milkshakes
*No Mary Gails Homemade Ice Cream
*No Red Meat (NO Hamburgers)
*No Hot Tubs
*No Swimming
*Limit Breads/Pasta

There probably more things I am missing but you get the point I cant do anything. So there is a reason for my grouchiness yesterday. But I am over it. I like to be in a good mood and usually am. I'm so excited about carrying a baby that those inconvenience I will take. Although missing Marble slab Ice Cream is a punishment of its own. Even Ryan has agreed to not eat since I am not able to. The reason I cant eat cold things is because we want to keep the uterus warm and able to accept the baby.

I did get good news last night. Dr Cherry my acupuncturist called and said that another IVF patient scheduled for this. Saturday so he would be willing to do my treatment for $200 instead of the $400 charge so I am ecstatic.

Saturdays schedule will be like this now:
8:00am Acupuncture
9:00am Consult Dr Murray
9:45am IVF Transfer
10:15am Acupuncture
Then Bed Rest for 3 days only getting up to use the restroom

I cant believe we only have one more day until our babies reach my uterus. They are about 5-6 days old and have gone through the different stages and are now blastocrysts. This journey thus far has not been that bad, the shots, the pills weren't terrible. Only pain and discomfort I have experienced is after the egg retrieval. Still today 4 days later I still have pain/tenderness when riding in the car, walking up stairs or leaning on my stomach. I haven't been able to sleep on my tummy as it stretches it. I started my progesterone suppositories AKA wallpaper paste, ya lets just say yuck =P The progesterone shots in my hip/butt area only hurt on my right side. Ryan alternates the shot every other morning. There's small burn but nothing terrible.

Well this is my last day with my daycare kids that I am able to lift them so I am going to go run, chase and hold them today.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


So I just received a call from the embryologist and they moved me out to a 5 day transfer.

On Day three they expect them to be between 6-9 cells and they grade them 1-4 with 1 being the best.

Six 8 Cell Grade 1
One 8 Cell Grade 2
One 9 Cell Grade 2
Four 10 Cell Grade 2
One 10 Cell Grade 3
One 10 Cell Grade 3

I was fully prepared to go in today and packed up my bags last night to go stay at Ryan's parents house for the next three days while they are on vacation. I also had an hour of acupuncture before and hour the procedure but now that its rescheduled to Saturday I wont be able to get it done since there's a$250 dollar call in charge on Saturdays. Oh well.

I already assumed they would reschedule because of how young my eggs are and how many they have to choose from. So the plan now is Saturday be there at 9:00am and transfer scheduled for 9:45am.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Received our call early this morning. Out of the 25 eggs they collected yesterday 13 of them Fertilized, 8 were immature eggs, and 3 mature eggs did not fertilize. That's a 81% Fertilization rate. That's great.

He set up an appointment for this Thursday. The day will go like this

9:00am Acupuncture
10:00am Start drinking Gatorade for a full bladder
10:15am Consult with Dr Murray
10:45am IVF
11:15 Acupuncture
Then Staying at Ryans parents on bed rest for three days

There is still a chance they may call on Thursday and tell me they are to many quality eggs to choose from and they need to watch them for two more days, which would bring us to Saturday.

I am still not feeling well at all almost feels worse today. Like I got ran over by a semi and spit back out. Lots of sharp pains and trouble peeing. I am super sore and hurts to bend over and I am really tried. Ryan and I called the clinic this morning just to see if this is normal and they said they would like to see me. I had an ultrasound and found out my egg sized ovaries are about 6 inches right now and filled with some fluid. The ovaries do swell after egg retrieval but its the fluid that you have to be careful. There is something called ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome that can be life threatening and I have developed slight symptoms so we are just monitoring. Drink plenty of fluids like Gatorade, whey protein shakes, eat lots of proteins and get plenty of rest and it will help your body get rid of the extra fluid.

Monday, August 4, 2008

EGG Retrieval Day

Today is my egg retrieval I don't think I slept a wink. I did envision I will get pregnant from this but couldn't tell if it was 1 or 2 babies. I got up at 6:20am and got ready my stomach is in knots. I wish I could make it okay and tell myself to calm down But I cant I'm to excited, nervous whatever you want to call it.

Today will be the first day I get to see my little eggies and get pictures of them. Today is the day they will fertilize and grow overnight and actually become life Ahhhhhhh that so exciting.

My mom is supposed to drive me home but I havent had much luck getting ahold her. Ryan has to get to work after leaving his sample and I cant work/drive the rest of the day since I will be sore and coming out of anesthetic. I will update more and let you know how I am feeling and how many eggs they actually got this afternoon.

So they called us back to Recovery room where Ryan and I slipped into some shoe coverings. Then I changed into a hospital gown and hair cap. I met so many people, the nurse taking care of me before and after the surgery, the endocrinologist, the anestheoligist, the doctor came in for a minute. We signed more consents, went over medications and what I will feel like afterwards.

They started an IV on me and gave me some fluids. I emptied my bladder and walked to the surgery room. They gave me some stuff to take the edge off until the doctor came in and sterilized me for the procedure. I don’t even think I made it until the doctor came in I was OUT. Next thing I know I woke up in the recovery room and I kept hearing them call my name over and over but I didn’t want to wake up. My mom was at my side holding my hand and they kept checking my heart rate which was at 40. They gave me some meds to wake me up more and I woke up grumpy and slightly in pain, only when I moved though. The endocrinologist came in and said we got "25 eggs" wow that’s a great number. Next I got some Gatorade and Tylenol. They gave me three more bags of fluid so I would need to use the restroom before I was going to leave. I couldn’t move though my butt hurt so bad with sharp pains. They used a wheelchair to get me to the bathroom tried to go but I kept getting these shooting pains in my butt, LOL seriously it hurt. My ovaries are swollen and sore but the heating pad they gave me makes it feel so much better. We ended staying there till about 2:00pm because my mom used to work with two of the nurses so we sat and chit chatted. My mom drove me to Safeway to pick up two more prescriptions and then my house for another package that arrived in the mail with my progesterone oil. I start shots today and will continue them for the next 9 weeks. All my shots have been in my stomach and these shots will be in the muscle of my butt. We went out to the U-Food Grill for lunch since it was like 18 hours since I had eaten and then she took me to my grandparents house to give me my shot. My mom may be a nurse but she stabbed me hard and made my shot bleed. Don’t think I will let her give them again. My husband is much nicer about it.

The Center will call me tomorrow and let me know of the 25 how many survived and how many fertilized and then I will be back in on Thursday or Sunday when they decide which one to put back in. I’m off to rest now, as I am sore and still having those shooting pains. Still terrified to use the restroom but I know I will need to at some point, just afraid it will hurt to pee. She said with as much fluids as they put in I will be up all night heading to the bathroom.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


So I woke up at around 7am this morning and did my HCG Test at first I thought it was negative but it was just very faint. I woke Ryan up to see if he could tell if it was negative or positive and seem to think it was positive and went back to sleep.

The reason they have you take the HCG just to make sure it is present even if just a little bit. The trigger shot I gave last night to ovulate we are just verifying it works.

Today is my first day I have felt really blah. Not terrible just blah. My chest/heart hurt. I read everything about Ovidrel (Trigger shot) and that is not one of the side effects. I'm just hoping it is anxiety with all that is going on. Ryan and I feel like are minds, emotions, and anxiety are on a roller coaster ride. All of this happened so fast. We weren't expecting to have to spend this much (Thanks to my super fabulous father in-law for helping with the extra money that we didn't have) We will pay you back somehow.

Just taking it easy today since I will have egg retrieval in the morning. No eating after 9PM tonight no water after midnight. I just finished signing like 80 pages of consent forms.Some are rather depressing like complications that can happen while others are funny. Like Ryan had to sign that he in deed owns his sperm and not me LOL We also had to decide what to do with the extra eggs if Ryan or I or both were to die. That would never cross my mind but I could see some battles over custody of them that may have happened with other clients.

Can you imagine I could be pregnant in a few weeks. I have been thinking positive thoughts. Positive thoughts=positive actions. For me I have never been pregnant so I don't know what to expect, what it feels like, or having a positive pregnancy test ever. Everything will be new and exciting and I cant wait.

Ryan is so supportive and I believe more excited then I am. He will not let me talk negative at all or say what if it doesn't work. He thinks its in our minds to make it work.

Ryan's Brother Jason and girlfriend Caprice are excited for us and I am sure will have fun spoiling the baby or babies.

I am leaning toward the fact that we will have twins. We want a boy but the more I say that I am sure we will get a girl. I just wish for healthy and happy baby that is mine. Oh I have waited for this day. Fast forward the next few weeks so i can find out quicker. Wish us look on our egg retrieval for some super quality eggs.

I added some new pics to the fertility album. Wish we had taken more to document this juney but it just went so fast. I am making a journal for the baby so they can see how bad mommy and daddy wanted them here with us.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Last appointment before ER

So I could not sleep all night last night I kept waking up and was excited for this appointment. Our appointment wasn't until 11:00am for the blood test and 11:30am for the ultrasound. Everything is going to fast we weren't expecting to convert to IVF but I was not letting my cycle get canceled just because i respond so well to the meds. So doctor Gilliand came in to do my ultrasound by the way he is my favorite doctor there he is super sweet and will rub your leg the whole time you are there and he is honest and let you know what can and can't happen.

We started the ultrasound and he began counting the follicles which were more then we had counted on previous ultrasounds and i was so happy to see they continued to grow to the point that they are ready. So I asked am I ready for my HCG trigger shot and he said yes. YIPEEEEE!

Today's Test ResultsEstradiol 3105LH 1.48Left Ovary has 17 Follicles ranging from 18 - 21mmRight Ovary has 12 Follicles ranging from 17 -18mm

They told me I would need one more shot of Citrotrite which would prevent me from ovulating until I give my trigger shot tonight. Was not so happy about that since the shot is $288.54. The pharmacy is out of the shot so I had to borrow one from the center. I met the nurse that will take care of me on Monday and found out Dr G (Gilliand) will be doing the egg retrieval. We need to arrive at the center on Monday at 9:30am and the egg retrieval will be at 10:30am. I have been updating a few journal entries at a time because i got behind so you may need to go back and check if you missed any. Tonight at 10:30PM I will take two shots of Ovidrel which is my HCG shot that will make my follicles release the eggs. Then exactly 36 hours they will be able to remove the eggs which is why our appointment is Monday at 10:30am. They have fours hours from that time to get the eggs before they start heading to my tubes. I am thinking positive I feel very confident that we will have a pregnancy it sounds like the clinic only wants to put in two embryos/blasts Ryan and I want three but am I willing to have triplets??? That's the real question. Update Monday after egg retrieval since I will be on bed rest all day.

These are my last two shots

Administrating HCG to make me ovulate

Friday, August 1, 2008


So I decided to go and have a fertility acupuncture done on me to better my odds and relax my body. I have to say I was nervous. I went to Doctor Cherry's office (Isn't that cute name) and filled tons of paperwork. We talked for awhile about the PCOS and talked a lot about diet. PCOS is actually an insulin problem and you have control your sugar levels and carb intake. Basically treat like you are diabetic. She also told me we need to keep the uterus warm and avoid cold things so no ice in my drinks, no ice cream (Hmm that sucks Ryan and I eat Marble slab, Jamba like twice a week) No raw vegetables, avoid Red Meats and limit carbs like bread and pasta. I wanted to jump over the table when she said I cant have those I am super addicted to them.

Things that are good to eat are Proteins and things low on the glycemic chart. Vegetables are good just cook them, fruits like Melons, apples nut not strawberries. Soups are great as they provide the uterus with warmth.

Now it was time for me to climb on the table she used a little tube to place to accu needles in. Amazingly it did not hurt at all. She used about ten needles and put one in my ear and forehead and the one in each hand, two in my stomach, and the rest in my legs and ankles. The two that were above my knees she took some clay type of stuff and placed it on the needles and lit them on fire and produced some smoke. I laughed and said this smells like high school or those bidi cigarettes that look like leaves their like Indian cigarettes. I'm not talking about cloves.

She left the room for a half hour and told me to just relax and take big breathes and push the air down to my uterus and melt into the table. I most certainly did I don't think I have ever let myself get that relaxed I even fell partially asleep. When I got up I felt like I had rested overnight. I can't wait to come back again.

She would like to see me pre and post transfer day but that will be Thursday with a 3 day transfer or Saturday will be a 5 day transfer is what I am hoping for. Saturdays they are not open but they gave me their cell number and said call and they are on-call. I have a massage scheduled for Tuesday evening to relax my body. Things are moving on cant wait for tomorrows appointment and hear some good news.
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