Tuesday, January 27, 2009

27 weeks and growing!

Wow a few days of rest made all the difference I feel back to 90% of normal. Just getting over the cold portion of it now which is now mild. Its been two weeks since we took a new belly shot. Time is flying by. Only 89 more days CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Here is acute little Bella cuddled up in my mother-in-laws chair. Since Allie died 3 weeks ago Bella and I have been alot closer. She is spending more time thenthe usual with me. She is getting smarter and responding more to our cues. She also is almost 100% potty trained she has been going to the front door when she needs to go out and has been going potty outside on command. There is serious hope one day that she may be able to wander the house on her own. For now we keep her confined to the same room as us and she must be in her bed or right in our view (like a puppy) By the way Only one more week till my 30th birthday. Anyone ate at Johny Garlics before?


  1. I am not sure how I found your blog, but I wanted to say CONGRATS on being pregnant!! I am a Mommy to an IVF child that just turned 2. I can't believe how time flies!! Anyway, congrats to you and I wish you well as you await the arrival of your little boy.

    ~ Lisa


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