Saturday, January 31, 2009

3D/4D Ultrasound

Yesterday was my birthday party with my family. We are all headed over for a 4D ultrasound to see Landons face for the first time. I totally thought 3D/4D were a waste of money and that I can wait to see him when he is born. (When I got pregnant I thought you had a ultrasound at every Dr Appt, boy could that be any farther then the truth) In my 1st trimester I bought a cute picture frame that has 3 openings in it and says 1st trimester, 2nd trimester, and 3rd trimester. Well I can't leave the third trimester blank and since it is my 30th birthday, thought we could do something fun that a well rounded belly would enjoy to party it up.

We went to Pregnancy Journey in Natomas because of their large space to accommodate the family and they shoot the image onto the wall so it is enlarged. On the way their we stopped to get me a snickers bar and root beer so he will be awake and active. The whole family was there when we got there and we all piled in the room including Bella. I laid on my own comfortable bed. She squirted the goo on my belly and there he was. You guessed it. Mr was peacefully sleeping with his arm across his face and his hand on top of his head. Guess that sugar did nothing for him. She assured us don't worry we'll wake him up. She pushed and tapped as she tried to manipulate him to wake up. But no luck he just wanted to sleep with his knees curled to his chest. As we scanned him over trying to see past that little arm in his face we noticed he was making a certain gesture with his finger, particularly his middle finger. We all got a chuckle out of that.

Anxiously waiting

Pardon my son for being so rude,
I promise to teach him some manners when he gets out.

His gorgeous face

Confirmed again , All Boy!

What else would a pregnant lady do for her 30th birthday besides an ultrasound. Go eat!Although I would enjoy a chocolate martini on this day I will have to wait till next year to have one. We went to Johnny Garlics for dinner. Ive never been but Guy Fieri from the food Network owns Johnny Garlics as well as Tex Wasabi Grill. Thought it might be pretty good. As I read the menu my eyes were so much bigger then my stomach. We ordered this yummy tortilla cake appetizer and some pita chips. Oh and I cant forget my virgin pina colada, by the time my dinner came I couldn't eat another bite. So I sat and watched everyone else eat and talk.

My mother in law gave me a very nice parenting book and two charms for my pandora bracelet. One 24 k gold pacifier and the other is sterling silver baby bootie with a blue crystal. So precious!
My friend Traci and I went shopping at Michaels and Babies R Us afterwards. We bought a ton of scrapbooking stuff and a very cool video monitor that just came out. Iv'e only got to play around with it for a little bit but the picture on it is amazing. Its called the Sassy Web Watch. Its a color video/sound monitor that family or friends can watch live over the internet. Ryan can check in on his son from work or I can call my mom and point the camera at Landon eating his first food or crawling for the first time. One of the other cool features is it has a night mode so i can see what he is doing at night on the screen in our room. At naptime i can use my laptop to monitor him. As long as it works correctly this should be a really fun toy for us.


  1. Wow that monitor sounds amazing - what is the name of it? My mom lives far away and that would be so great to have even at Ashton's age now. Can you send me the name of it?

    He looks gorgeous momma!!!

  2. that monitor is amazing. But how can you monitor privacy with the camera broadcasting the baby over the internet?

    Does it require a username/password?

    I appreciate your help!


  3. Now that I have a monitor... I always think to myself what I wouldn't give to have a nicer one. Seeing as though we were 1st time parents... I guess you don't really know all the great items out there that you should definitely get (lol).

    Those u/s pictures are great. Little Landon is a cutie!!

    Thanks for sharing and once again CONGRATS!!


  4. Hi Mema! Si Kai Run are the best. Nyomi out grew them now :(
    I'm going to google Johnny Garlic's too, that sounds great!

    Thanks for all the updates!

  5. LOL I love the one where he is giving he bird:) What a sweet little face, I bet you just cant wait to kiss all over it!


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