Monday, January 7, 2008

Day 1 of 4

So I tested for my LH Surge this morning (Monday) to see if I had a positive surge. The test only indicated a small amount so I will have to test again tomorrow morning. I will test Tuesday , then Wednesday and Thursday mornings and hope the test shows positive on one of those days. If I never have a positive surge I will go in on Thursday to be checked. We are using the Easy Blue Ovulation Predictor Kit but it says right on the box, Results may not be accurate if you have PCOS. That is why its important to go in for the ultrasound.

Your probably wondering what is a LH Surge! Everyone women has a small amount of LH in her system during her month cycle, but the day before you ovulate your body releases a good amount of LH to help the egg slides through your tubes. We are hoping to catch this surge so we know when to conceive.

Last night when we were at Ryan's folks house, his mom pointed to an article that Ryan's Dad had saved for me on healthy diets while trying to conceive a baby. The article basically told me a few clues on things like stay away from Trans Fats, starches like bagel, white bread and potato's and low fat milk. While you are trying to conceive you should have either a glass of WHOLE milk, ice cream made with whole milk, or whole fat yogurt. It also recommended a book called The Fertility Diet so I went to Barnes and Noble and picked one up today. I will start reading it tonight and see what I am doing right or wrong. I will try anything to help up make this happen. I'll write again tomorrow and let you know how my test turned out.

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