Monday, August 4, 2008

EGG Retrieval Day

Today is my egg retrieval I don't think I slept a wink. I did envision I will get pregnant from this but couldn't tell if it was 1 or 2 babies. I got up at 6:20am and got ready my stomach is in knots. I wish I could make it okay and tell myself to calm down But I cant I'm to excited, nervous whatever you want to call it.

Today will be the first day I get to see my little eggies and get pictures of them. Today is the day they will fertilize and grow overnight and actually become life Ahhhhhhh that so exciting.

My mom is supposed to drive me home but I havent had much luck getting ahold her. Ryan has to get to work after leaving his sample and I cant work/drive the rest of the day since I will be sore and coming out of anesthetic. I will update more and let you know how I am feeling and how many eggs they actually got this afternoon.

So they called us back to Recovery room where Ryan and I slipped into some shoe coverings. Then I changed into a hospital gown and hair cap. I met so many people, the nurse taking care of me before and after the surgery, the endocrinologist, the anestheoligist, the doctor came in for a minute. We signed more consents, went over medications and what I will feel like afterwards.

They started an IV on me and gave me some fluids. I emptied my bladder and walked to the surgery room. They gave me some stuff to take the edge off until the doctor came in and sterilized me for the procedure. I don’t even think I made it until the doctor came in I was OUT. Next thing I know I woke up in the recovery room and I kept hearing them call my name over and over but I didn’t want to wake up. My mom was at my side holding my hand and they kept checking my heart rate which was at 40. They gave me some meds to wake me up more and I woke up grumpy and slightly in pain, only when I moved though. The endocrinologist came in and said we got "25 eggs" wow that’s a great number. Next I got some Gatorade and Tylenol. They gave me three more bags of fluid so I would need to use the restroom before I was going to leave. I couldn’t move though my butt hurt so bad with sharp pains. They used a wheelchair to get me to the bathroom tried to go but I kept getting these shooting pains in my butt, LOL seriously it hurt. My ovaries are swollen and sore but the heating pad they gave me makes it feel so much better. We ended staying there till about 2:00pm because my mom used to work with two of the nurses so we sat and chit chatted. My mom drove me to Safeway to pick up two more prescriptions and then my house for another package that arrived in the mail with my progesterone oil. I start shots today and will continue them for the next 9 weeks. All my shots have been in my stomach and these shots will be in the muscle of my butt. We went out to the U-Food Grill for lunch since it was like 18 hours since I had eaten and then she took me to my grandparents house to give me my shot. My mom may be a nurse but she stabbed me hard and made my shot bleed. Don’t think I will let her give them again. My husband is much nicer about it.

The Center will call me tomorrow and let me know of the 25 how many survived and how many fertilized and then I will be back in on Thursday or Sunday when they decide which one to put back in. I’m off to rest now, as I am sore and still having those shooting pains. Still terrified to use the restroom but I know I will need to at some point, just afraid it will hurt to pee. She said with as much fluids as they put in I will be up all night heading to the bathroom.

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