Saturday, January 17, 2009

Only 100 Days Left!

Wow only 100 days to go. Can you believe it? Time has gone by so fast and I am really enjoying this pregnancy and how easy it is. I am 26 weeks on Monday and Landon weighs 2 pounds now. This is so exciting it also means viability if for some chance he came early. I have only one more week till I am in my 3rd trimester according to my doctor. I go in for a check-up on Monday and then I think I start going in more frequently like twice a month from here on out.

Landon has not been moving much the last few days so I went out and bought one of those things that has headphones so you can listen inside the womb. We placed it on my belly and tried different places but could not locate a heartbeat. We could hear very small movements but none that I could actually feel. My employee and Traci got real close and were completely quiet to see if we could try it one more time. As they got real close Landon kicked them right in the face. I laughed and said ok I will take that as he is ok.

Today he is non stop kicking. I rolled over in the middle of the night and there he was rat-a-tat-tat. I grabbed Ryans hand on put it on my belly, he said wow no wonder your not asleep. All day long he kept at it. I begged Ryan to take me to California Pizza Kitchen so I could eat a BBQ pizza. OMG it was so goooooood.

Afterwards we went and picked Allies ashes. I was curious what kind of box they put her her cremations in. Its about the size of a brick and nice wood box sealed with 4 screws. Its very nice I am going to add her pawprint on top of the box with a framed picture sitting next to the box. The only thing that kinda upsets me and made me cry on the way home was on the back they placed a nice sticker that says her name and belonged to the Dorn family but then it says Cremation Day 1/10/09. Eeek Allie died on Sunday the 4th and I dropped her off that day. To think of my precious baby sitting there till Saturday. I know that its just her body but still. I love that crazy dog more then anything.

When Ryan and I got home we watched the movie Step Brothers which was pretty funny. It was nice to just have an evening to sit around and spend time together. I love spending time with just the two of us and I know how precious it is as we won't have alone time like this for awhile. I do want to make sure we get in date nights after Landon is here so we continue to have a strong marriage.

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