Sunday, January 18, 2009


Beach Babe...I think not! Ha Although I am carrying a beach ball. Why am I posting this? To publicly embarrass myself, I guess. But hey its my blog I can do what I want. We go to my MIL house every Sunday evening for dinner and after dinner I decided to go in the Hot Tub. On 98 degrees of course, don't want to cook my little egg. Couldn't let this go unoticed this is my first appearance in a swimsuit while pregnant. At least its a cute little hot pink preg-kini. Why does it look like belly button is sticking out in the second picture? It totally is not ...YET! Sorry for the yucky hair color I Sooooooo can't wait to get my hair done on Friday. Just in time for my birthday. Haven't decided on what to do for my 30th birthday. Any ideas what pregnant girl could do?

Tomorrow is MLK Day so that means no work. I have errands to run and an OB appointment. Maybe I will have time to sneak in a prenatal massage over at that one of my super nice nice daycare mom gave to me for Christmas. She also got me a Belly Casting at the smae place. I think I will wait till I am farther along before I get it done though.

Aren't these so adornable?
I am really wanting to make Landon some custom Boutique Overalls and I am just in love with anything sock monkey. It has been really challenging finding cute boy clothes. So far I have picked a lot of cute things at Baby Gap, H & M, and my new favorite store They have the cutest clothes for boys and girl and some Maternity things. They have been having great sales. Nothing I have bought for him yet has been full price. Ever since I knew he was a boy I have been bargain shopping on sale racks, end of season sales. I havent bought anything under 6 months though because I figure if and when I do have a baby shower I will get all the outfits then. Since baby will be born when its hot the stores have only had long sleeved pants outfits.

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