Sunday, January 20, 2008


So we made a trip to the fertility clinic and didn't hear good news. My follicles barely grew and they could see each ovary had at least 20 immature eggs in each. He said my follicles need to at least double in size in order for me to ovulate.

Since my insurance does not cover my ultrasounds just the medication. He asked if I wanted to try another round of Clomid before moving on to the more expensive options. I said why not at least try. So I will try another round of Clomid this next month on a doubled dose and will go in on the 11th day of my cycle for another ultrasound to see it then.

I asked what was the more expensive option and it would be injections. I would need 10 days of Gonal-F shots. I called my insurance company and they cover the shots and I will just need to pay an increased co-pay. The part that is not covered is the $220.00 ultrasounds that I would need on Day 2, 4, 6, 9, and 11.

We have an appointment this Wednesday to meet with the Nurse advisor for the first hour to go over the risks of the shots and then we meet with the financial advisor to go over the total costs for the entire treatments.

For right now Ryan and I decided to do another round of Clomid with the double dosage hoping that will increases our chance of ovulating. I am on Progesterone right now until we are ready to do the Clomid Cycle again. Sorry I didn't keep this updated. After we went in for the ultrasound I was crushed that it didn't work. Ryan is keeping me happy saying that we have not heard any bad news yet that we cant make a baby. The doctor keeps reassuring us it will happen it is just going to take some time. My eyes welled up when he said it didn't work because I was for sure that it did. Ryan and I enjoyed a nice lunch afterwards at La Bou to talk about how we each felt about the disappointment and how we will make it through this financial hardship. Right now it doesn't seem possible to me but in a year when we are out of debt we might be more financial fit to throw all our money at this. He is very positive that we will find a way to make all of this work and that we will continue... I will update more next wee after our appointment next Wednesday to let you know what we decide.

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