Monday, January 19, 2009

The Sweetest Husband

I have the whole day off today and I wanted to get some errands done. The final items for the nursery decor and and a cute coming home from the hospital outfit. My husband had to work but called at a bright and early 8:30am which I was not so thrilled to be woken up on my day off. He asked if he could accompany me to my OB Appt. I was thrilled but I reminded him its one of those in and out boring appointments, but he didn't care he still wanted to go.

On the way to the appointment as I approached the hospital my eyes began to well up. I'm just not ready for this. I never , never thought i would be headed down this journey. As a provider of other children I just never visioned that God would allow me to carry one of his children. I know must women beg for their baby to be born towards the last part of their pregnancy. I just don't want it to end. I know he is safe in there and being well taken care of and I can take him anywhere. BUT its going by to fast I'm not prepared enough, I don't deserve this.

Before I became pregnant every time I heard someone else was pregnant I would cry and cry, ask God why not me I soooooooo want a family. But I began to see that he had a plan for me and I had to be patient. Maybe he forgot though I'm not a patient kind of Gal. In just three short months I will hold this precious child on the outside and I am sure I will wander around thinking that he doesn't belong to me and I need to find his real parents. Then it will sink in ......Ahhhhhhhh this is becoming so real its scary . I'm going to be a Mommy soon!

Oh ya the Dr Appt. He said everything is great. I only gained one pound from my last appointment a month ago. Shocking as I thought more then that, I guess I will have to compare belly shots again. I have no complaints right now, I feel great. So one more appointment in a month then its on to twice a month appointments.

Ryan and I went shopping afterwards and we picked out some outfits for Landon. Well more me picking out and him holding things. I discovered a store called Janie and Jack and it has the most precious classic childrens clothing.

Naartjie Outfits

Childrens Place

Layette Sets from Janie and Jack

Outfit and the cutest shoes Janie and Jack

When I got home I found the very sweetest suprise waiting for me. My husband had ordered flowers to my surprise. He picked an arrangment that had blue Bellla Donnas in it for Landon and wrote the sweetest little note thanking me for take such good care of our son already and that he loves us both. Ok the sweeeeeeeeeeeeetest suprise! I guess I wont even make a funny face at him when he goes to play his Xbox tonight =)

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