Monday, January 26, 2009

Third Trimester!!

Today is my official first day in the third trimester and I am sick sick. Woke up this weekend with a killer sore throat, then a congested nose, sneezing, burning eyes. Then Sunday evening on the way home from the in-laws I threw up in my new car :( I lost my appetite and only took in sips of water. Ohhhhh the body aches. What is this crazy stuff that we pregnant women cant have meds to make us feel better. Oh Tylenol only helps with my low grade fever and body ache for a short time.

My very sweet husband ran to the store at midnight to buy me cough drops, vicks vapor rub and saline drops. All of which did provide some relief. I never ever get sick. Owning a preschool I have been exposed to everything and resist almost anything exposed to.

I decided to go to the ER Labor unit for some IV fluids since I felt so dehydrated and worse today. They ER was just concerned about the baby and hooked me up to all machines. Again I told them baby is fine I am here because I am not OK and I need fluids and then you can send me home to rest. The girl said she needed to check with my doctor see what he wanted to do. 5 minutes later she appears with a Popsicle and release papers. WHAT! She tells me if I cant keep anything down then I need to suck on Popsicles. Wow so seriously you cant just give me a bag of fluids and send me home. I should have persistent. So basically the visit cost me $100 orange flavored Twin pop that I could have bought from the ice cream man that lives across the street from my house.
Waiting for some FLUIDS!!
So I left and went to the grocery store and bought some ginger ale and some darn Popsicles. Then I went home and rested for the rest of the day. Since Monday was a Holiday last week there was no school. So it was my first day of Monday class and I couldn't miss it. The class is so far back on the campus its a hike just to get there followed by two flights of stairs and then 3 hallways I was breathing so hard by the time I got to class. There was nowhere to sit and the class had around 50 people in it. About a half hour into class I took a swig of water and when I swallowed it, it made me cough and a I got up from my seat and headed out of class just to end of throwing up. I went to the bathroom cleaned up and went back to class prepared to tell the teacher I was gong home when she announced to the class that she wanted us to fill out a information sheet and send the whole class home. Wohoo I like this teacher!
The baby is slightly over two pounds this week and 141/2 inches long. That's amazing to me since some babies are born full term 17 + inches. Today is the most active he has ever been kicking, rolling around and some funky pushing thing that gives me the butterflies. I admit now that I used to be scared to death for him to move but now look forward to it so that I know he is OK. I know there will be a point where I am begging him to stop moving but right now they don't cause any pain and I can still breath because there is plenty of room still in there.
I have a 3D/4D ultrasound scheduled for this Saturday for my birthday and can't wait to see his beautiful face. Crossing my fingers that he is awake and active and doesn't have his hands over his face.

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