Monday, February 23, 2009

31 Weeks and its moving so quickly.

This week is going to fly by just like the last week did. No more leg cramps though so I have nothing to complain about. Little Landon has been contorting my belly into odd shapes all weekend. Saturday I finally got around to working on our office. Ryan spent most the morning and afternoon assembling a new shelving unit for the office that will hold all of our stuff. We weeded through a million papers and things that we had been saving for garage sales and were almost done but not quite there yet. Its certainly not blog worthy, yet!

On Saturday I went for a prenatal massage and completely enjoyed it. I have to lay on my Left side to start and then switch to my right side. The most embarrassing thing happened. I switched to my right side and she started working on my back and I got this little tickle in the back of my throat. I tried to swallow a few times but it came on stronger and stronger. Then I started to cough, just a little at first then it was got worse. She said do you want me to go get some water I said "yes, please" by the time she came back I was sitting up completely gagging and about to throw up from coughing so hard. She handed me the water and it put the fire out I did one more cough to clear whatever gave me the tickle then I laid back down to finish the massage. I was completely clammy and hot now and covered in sweat. She continued the massage but I just anted to tell her the whole time she could stop as I was not relaxed at all anymore and just laid there thinking about it not happening again. Geeeesh I swear!

Sunday was just a lay in bed day. Ryan went to play disc golf in Navato so he was gone for most of the day. I was planning on finish the office but I needed his muscles so instead I just looked up and researched cloth diapers all day.

I have school Monday and Tuesday evenings, we are going to a Kings game on Wednesday and then Thursday we have our Bradley Birthing class. At least I have this Wednesday off I will be able to sit down and breath for a minute and get some homework done for the week.

Here are some shots of my 31 week belly. 63 days, yes I said 63 days that issssssssssss crazy. I'm going to be a mom in 63 days. Labor fears are kicking in this past week I will probably blog about it sometime soon.


  1. You are looking great!! Sorry to hear about your crazy cough fit during your massage...what a bummer!!

  2. You look great, getting so close I had my son a weeks early so that would be like only having 5 weeks left yikes! Pack you bag and put a towel down in your car, Trust me my water broke while driving luckly amniotic fluid has no smell :(~! Dont sweet the labor its not as bad as you might think:)

  3. I left you an award on my blog :)


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