Thursday, February 19, 2009

Leg Cramps ......eeighhhh it hurts!

A couple weeks ago sound asleep at 7am my mom had stayed the night at our house because she was on call for the hospital and we live right by the hospital compared to her house. She snuck in my room to get her jacket. Using my masterful skills of hearing everything while I sleep I woke up instantly. She said bye and started to walk out the door. Out of nowhere I shot up in bed screaming about my leg but no words came out. My panick attack woke up my husband and asked whats wrong. I just kept screaming Aaaaah, ughhhhh, ahhhhh and pointing to my calf. He asked if he could fix it I shook my head yes. He said this will hurt orse just for a second but then will go away. He applied pressure and massage that almost knocked me out but it only lasted a few seconds before the pain got better then went away completely.

Fast forward a couple of weeks to yesterday morning and i had the same pain I had before in my calf muscles. This time it was in both legs. I t was about 6:20 am and my husband was leaving for work I asked super sweet if he would massage it before he left. It felt good wwhile he massaged but it did nothing for the soreness or stiffness in my calfs. Around ten am I called my ob and asked if dehydration or potassium intake had anything to do with it. They really didnt have any suggestions except to stretch them and take a warm bath before bed. I did all of that and still no relief I even took the epson salt bath. Each footstep pulls the muscle and makes me feel like I just ran a few miles then stopped by the gym and did those calf squat things my trainer used to do with me that made it burn so bad. I was even scared to go to bed for fear of having one of the muscle attacks that i had a few weeks ago.

Praying that this only last lasts a few days. It hurts but is minor compared to a million other things that can cause trouble in pregnancy. Just really need my legs I have to walk a little ways when I go to the campus 4 times a week for school plus I am able to sit at work but its alot of up and down and walking here and there, especially when i have to get up and down from the floor so much.


  1. Hope the leg cramps get better soon. I remember those when I was pregnant. NOT FUN!!

    ~ Lisa

  2. Oh girl I feel ya, leg cramps are the worst, I remember with my first son waking up in the middle of the night wanting to cry. Just dont piont your toes lol!


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