Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me Monday !

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

NO I am not finally getting around to posting some birthday pictures, because my birthday was over a week and half ago and I did not pretend to lose the cord to my camera so I didn't have to remember I'm now 30 years old. No not me, I cant be 30 I still get carded for fireworks so it must be someone else.

We started out my birthday with a 4D ultrasound with both sides of our families eager to see our son. I did not already know he was not going to cooperate with us and sleep the entire time. But I did NOT laugh hysterical when the first shot of my sons face was covered by his hand with a balled up fist and pointing with a particular finger at us the entire ultrasound. NOT my son. Iwould never find hte humor in something like that.

I was super surprised though when I seen a car pull up in front of my house to deliver this fruit arrangement from one of my daycare families and I'm telling you I was NOT soooooooooooo stoked that I jumped up and down like a child then ran to the kitchen so I could scarf down as much fruit into my mouth at one time and growl at everyone else for even looking at this 28 week pregnant womans gift. No NOT me I always share and never covet my food.

I received tons of thoughtful gifts from my childcare parents including a Coach keychain, a argyle maternity shirt, a delicious smelling blueberry candle, a Jamba juice card, and a spa treatment gift certificate. I have NOT used the excuse that my office is to cluttered to find my Thank you cards because I always send them out right after I receive such fantastic gifts. No NOT me I am always on top of things and no way would I have such a messy office that I am afraid of falling when I walk into that room. And no way did I take pictures of the mess, so I would be motivated to clean it up and take After pictures to show you guys. And no way did I post it here so I could embarrass myself into cleaning it today on my day off. Nope, NOT me!

And since I did not just show you those pictures I will leave you with a happier picture to the end of my birthday. I did NOT bribe all my kiddos with the Swiss Chocolate Ice cream cake with Reeses Peanut butter inside if they would be good all day and take a picture with me. I would NEVER give sugar to my Daycare kids and bribe them because they always mind me.

Since I did not do a Valentines post I wont even bother telling you I made them Rice Krispy treats for their party but then proceeded to eat the entire pan of them by myself. That would be crazy so I wouldn't tell you that I also coveted a bag of Reeses Peanut butter one of the parents sent for the party. So since I did not do that I won't have to tell you about that either.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday, You should post your 3D pics. I was just looking at Window in the Womb website I am going to schedule mine in a few weeks, so excited! Fruit, rice crispies treats, reeses yummy I am hungy. I am inspired to get of the couch right now and make some RC treats:)

  2. I just saw your commnet from April's blog so I came on over! Congrats to you soon to be soon. You are due 1 week before myself (May 5th). I too suffer from PCOS and had to go on fertility treatments to get my boys. Best Wishes to you. I will be back often. :)

  3. Thanks for the comment. I have a few questions on acupuncture and some other things. Here is my email so that you can send me yours.


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