Monday, February 16, 2009

Only 10 Weeks Left.

I had my last monthly OB Appt yesterday and now I am onto every two week appointments. Ahhh the reality is finally setting in I'm going to have a baby. I am 30 weeks 1 day now and only 69 days left. At my appointment my doctor measured me againat 2 weeks ahead, and said will probably go into labor two weeks early. Ahhhhhhh Im really not ready that meansin 8 weeks instead of 10 weeks and thats only 55 days I am in a panick now Im not ready. I still need so much stuff and I need to organize and clean the upstairs of my house. I should start myself a checklist of things to do before baby arrives then I can cross things off. Like right now I havent even packed a a bag or diaper bag for the hospital. I'm not even sure what I need. I've just read on several forums about moms overstuff and they didnt need half the crap they packed.

On Thursday we start our first Bradley Birthing class. The class is 2 hrs long for twelve weeks, obviously I want to be able to take all of them. The lady teaching the class if I like her will be our Doula. I plan on staying home as long as possible and since this is my first baby I not how I will tolerate the pain. Sofar my plan is to start laboring at home. Then call my doctor, doula and my husband to let them know it has started. My husband and Doula will stay with me at my house and help me with the pain. I want to be at home since there is a bathtub. I so wish there were birthing tubs within an hour of here. My Doula will continue to check me till I reach about a 5-6 then we will head to the hospital where I will finish labor. This is all to avoid the long stay that a first time labor in the hospital usually consits of and to avoid evil potosin or anything else they may try to do with me. If I get to the hospital and I need an epidural then I will take it but I would like to try a natural labor.
My reasoning might not be the same as other mothers who want a natural labor. I want to be in charge of my labor I want to know when I am having a contraction and know when I'm ready to push instead of someone telling me I am ready. Now I have never been in labor so this might all fly out the window when I start having contractions. Ha Ha
Interesting thing I read there is a poll they gave women after they gave birth and they said the Top 5 things women said they were scared of when they gave birth was.
1) Being able to tolerate the Pain
2) Embaressment of pooping on the table
3) Fear of having a C-Section
4) Tearing or Episiotimy
5) Epidurals

Week 29 Photos

No Clue where that small bruise came from on my belly. Looks like the same one when I used to have to give shots there. Im sure its due to me mis-guessing my size when I turn or try to sqeeze through somewhere.

Can you see we have a faint line down the middle of my belly now? Everyone says my belly button is going to pop out but Im not so sure. I have a very deep button and although it is pretty non existent right now I'm just not sure it will pop and become an outie but we shall see. Funny but my belly is covered in a really soft white fuzz like a peach. It reminds me of when a brand new newborn is covered with hair.

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  1. You are getting closer and closer to meeting your precious miracle. How exciting!!

    As goes for your birth plan... good for you. I hope it all works out as planned, but don't be disappointed if it doesn't. I was in labor for 32 hours and finally we went with a c-section. The only thing I hated about the c-section was not being able to hold my son right away. All and all it went just fine and I wouldn't change anything.

    Your belly is getting big... my belly button never popped out and my belly was indeed covered with the soft white fuzz. I was often so embarrased to be examined by my doctor because my belly was so hairy (lol).

    Take Care,


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