Sunday, February 22, 2009

TooCute ....New Car Seat Cover

A few weeks ago I ordered a car seat cover monogrammed with Landons name and a matching stroller blanket. It finally came in the mail. It's so scrumptious and soft I just had to share with all of you. I cant wait to put him in there when we leave the hospital.

Omg I just have to tell you yesterday after getting out of the shower I walked past the mirror and noticed I have four stretch marks on my left booty cheek and four on my right. Yes they are super small and light but still, it looks like a kitty cat tried to jump up and it accidentally clawed my butt. HA It doesn't matter anyways I was in a motorcycle accident 10+ years ago so I have scars on my butt and hips so it doesn't bother me one bit I just was surprised I had any at all. If you were one of those lucky mommas who got baby scars all over your stomach I am sorry and in no way making a big deal out of my small butt scratches in anyway. =P

Totally didn't know this but stretch marks are hereditary, so if your mom got them during pregnancy you are most likely to also. My mother didn't get any at all but she also doesn't have this J'Lo booty like I have and I have no idea where I did.

Excited about the rain we have and will have for the next week we need it or its going to be a miserable summer. The news just started talking about a drought for our area and to start conserving water because we didn't nearly get enough rain or snowfall in the mountains this year. One good thing is I am glad we didn't buy a boat like we had hoped to get by this summer. One we didn't have the money because we decided to do IVF which was crazy expensive but not as expensive as I had thought. Just sucks that is the one thing standing between you making a try at having a child. The other is Gods will, its up to him as he has your life all planned out from the day you are born so he knows the exact day we were to conceive our child. I feel like I don't deserve this baby and its not real to me yet. There are so many people who are still trying and haven't conceived yet or conceive and are unable to keep the baby till full term. I keep asking why me? Why am I so lucky? I have told my husband and my mom since I became pregnant that I am tremendously happy BUT I also have those overwhelming feeling that the baby will have complications during birth, SIDS or something we wont find out till the baby is older such as developmental delay, learning disability or autism. Just feel like this can't be SO perfect. I have waited a million years to become a mom and there is only 60 something days left.

I have three baby showers over the next three weekends. I have only been to like 2-3 baby showers in my life. They are super fun. Nobody ever wanted to invite the "girl who cant get pregnant" to their shower so it will be fun to attend and really strange to be, the mother to be. I still am in shock that there will be a baby living here full-time in this house and I cant send it home with one of my daycare families.


  1. Wow! The carseat cover is so cute! Do you mind sharing where you got it? I've never seen one before, but it's a great idea as a way to have a unique car seat! Good luck with the last 60 days! :o)

  2. Ok, that carset cover is so freaking ADORNABLE!! I love it and I am sure that Landon will love it too. You were totally cracking me up over the stretch marks on your booty. I never had them on my booty, but my stomach...ah yeah, that is another story TOTALLY!! I just remember that there were sweet memories and marks from when I was pregnant with my sweet little miracle baby.

    Have fun at your baby showers... oh, it was so much always getting so many wonderful goodies!! I can't wait to see some of the goodies.

    Have fun and enjoy!!

  3. Ok the car seat cover is soooooo stinkin cute I need one! Whee did out order it from? Stretch mark or as I like to call them battle wounds will fade with time I promise:)


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