Sunday, February 15, 2009

Vaccines... What to do?

Ian Gromowski 6/25/07 -8/10/07

This is topic all to common. As a childcare provider the children in my care must have shots. Sometimes a parent has come to me and told me they are behind on shots or on a late start schedule with shots. I'm completely OK with this. I also inform the parent that they are lead on to believe that they must get every shot available for their child so they can enroll them in my program and later in school. NOT TRUE. They may sign that they are not giving shots to their child on the back of the state form and that's that. The licensing board also tells me how to remind parents that their child is due for a shot. I don't like this its not my place to keep parents on the states schedule of shots. I think parents know whats best for there babies.
Just as I will know what is best for my baby and our family. So far my choices for our family are as follows. We will be .....
  • Brestfeeding exclusively, when I am at school he will receive pumped milk from a breastflow bottle

  • Cloth Diapering

  • Baby Wearing in a sling or Mei-Tai

  • Although we will NOT be co-sleeping, we will use a Amby bed for his infancy

  • Also chose Organic mattress and sheeting

  • Feeding homemade baby purees after 6 months

  • Choose which vaccines our son will get and also do a delay start

  • Will not give my child unnecessary medicine and will choose the best possible safest way to deal with teething (Amber Teething necklace), fevers, and colds (Homeopathic)

  • Will choose organic/natural toys

  • Use cleaners in the nursery and home that are safe (Vinegar/Water)

  • Having our child face backward in the car for as long as possible (2.5 yrs approx)

  • Trying not to feed any sugar or Junk food

  • Raising a TV free Child, I will let him watch educational programs around 3-4 yrs old but no TV commercials or violent cartoons (Yes even disney movies have bullying, teasing and violence in them)

Now these are choices for our family that I feel best. Your family may do it different and I am OK with that. I don't think any less to anyone for choosing to raise their child differently then I am. I will post more on a different day why some of these issues I feel are important to me. Some I have learned as I studied for my child development degree others because I directly work with children.

Hey who knows maybe someday I may break one of these family rules above and will be writing a "Not Me Monday" posting. Ha would that be silly =P

If you are interested in educating yourself about vaccines you can do the following

Curious who that cute little boy is at the top of my posting then please read the story of Ian. His face and voice need to be heard by all. His parents set up this website to leteveryone know what happened to them in Ian's short 47 days here on Earth. His parents also want to make it clear they are not against vaccines but they do believe in safe education so you know the facts.

I would love to hear from all mommies on this topic. Your advice, your choices on whats best for your family. Any mommies do a delay start on vaccines or chose to not give your child a certian vaccine by choice. Thanks I appreciate anything and everything on this subject even if you have the opposite opinion on this matter.


  1. This is a testy subject for many moms I talk to. Personally I have decided on holding out on a few different Vacines including the MMR. Its just important for me to be educated what I allow the Dr. put in my sons body.

  2. These look like good choices in my opinion but it is a touchy subject. I posted on my blog about choosing to wait to vaccinate and doing my own schedule, and I got some nasty comments. Ashton has been on a delayed schedule and has never received more than 2 per visit (the schedule calls for SIX!!!). I didn't do the hep b for many of the reason they list on Ian's website. I also feed Ashton all organic food as well as I eat all organic because I am still nursing. Dr. Sears has been a tremendous resource for me and I have several of his books including the vaccine book which I take with me to every appointment! My dr. has been amazing about it, but I did have to change pediatricians because the first one we saw would not do a delayed or alternative schedule.

    Good luck to you and it's great to see someone who has taken time to research things and make informed decisions. Have you checked into Omega 3 supplements? Both during pregnancy and for nursing as well. It's pretty amazing.

  3. These are such hard decisions. My husband and I are TTC #1 and I'm already thinking about all of these things! Thanks for sharing Ian's story and all of this other info. I'm excited to see photos of your baby when he arrives!

  4. I would look into it before he is born. A lot of the places you can just call and ask to talk to the assistant who you will have to most likely leave a message for, then tell them that you want to vaccinate on an alternative schedule and see what they say. I can tell you who we see as well if you run into some dead ends.

    Yes, I plan on continuing to supplement with DHA after I am done nursing. In my opinion it has done good because Ashton is about 2 months ahead in his milestones. Who knows if that is from the supplement or just his own developmental scale but that's what they say it does where I have read is that the babies who get it are about 2 months ahead for the first 2 years then several months ahead until they are 5 and then they are years ahead. I'm a believer and a fan of the DHA for sure!


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