Saturday, March 28, 2009

36 weeks and no plans for Maternity Leave Yet

Its been a crazy ending to my week. I love owning my own business and being my own boss. I have studied Early Childhood Education for about 10 years now and have held numerous positions working with children from the Church nursery, babysitting, Nanny and now a childcare provider for 7 years. There isn't a single one I couldn't go back and visit and see that wasn't happy with the care I provided. I'm a hard worker and treat each day as if viewing it from their eyes. My motto has always been been What if today was their only day at preschool, what would their experience be, what would I want them to get out of it. Over the years I have hired numerous employees some good and some just plain awful. Its really hard to employ a great employee and train them with the same work ethics as you. Theres those who show up to work to get by and theres those who show up and get **it done. Recently I had an employee that I just newly hired quit on my two days before I was due to go on Maternity leave. She was hired strictly to cover my maternity leave, now I am in a complete pickle. I have to work until I can find another person. I'm picky especially since I wont be working and watching them while on my Maternity Leave. My point being its hard to find a decent employee, one that works hard, shows up on time, is reliable, is here for the kids, not to text on her cell phone, or sit on her bum all day. There is plenty of time to sit while doing activities, and theres a two hour break to talk on the phone in the afternoon. I understand its long hours and childcare doesn't pay well in this industry. But please send me someone who knows about children and would find this job rewarding. I know there out there.

On Thursday my doctor told me I am no longer able to work due to my blood pressure and pulse being elevated. I told him I had to work one more day while I hired an employee. I spent Friday interviewing people and working, by nap time I got to rest and my blood pressure was through the roof. I called my doctor and he sent me to the emergency room. I have strict orders now not to work but I have nobody to cover my shift. As soon as I am able to hire one then I will feel less stressed and will be able to relax upstairs to we can safely get this baby out of my body. As you can see even though my blood pressure is high I feel just fine.

I took a picture of my slightly chubby hand to mark what it is today and see any changes that happen. I wish I had a picture of my hand before I had this swelling to show how this difference. It was such a dainty hand that my wedding ring still fit on.
On Saturday I did go watch my God daughter. I pay for her to take ballet and tap but have not seen her in action yet. Afterwards we went to Round Tables pizza then went to the $3 movies and saw Hotel for Dogs.

Shes showing me her moves

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  1. GIRL - You better stay off those feet!! Take care of yourself and little Landon. Keeping you in my prayers.


  2. Oh BTW - I love your new lobg look!!

  3. Mariah - I can help you out... email me asap at

    I'd have to bring Ashton ... let me know the details if your interested. I'll see if it would work - Im not working so I could totally start immediatly. You need to listen to your Dr!!! :)


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