Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Casting a Baby Bump

I decided to go visit my nurse at the Fertility clinic to show her how big I am now. She was so excited to see me and even got to feel Landon kick. I also got to see some of the other nurses who helped me when I was dealing with OHSS. I plan on going back in a little while to show them baby and let them hold him.
So here it is my 34 week belly.
This is actually last weeks picture.

Omg where is my belly button ....hehhe its so stretched.

Naked Baby Bumps look like a giant boob.

So today I went and did something totally awesome. I went and got a belly casting done. It was really wierd I had to rub vaseline all over my belly then I had plaster strips laid across my belly then smoothed out. After about a half hour it dried and I wiggled out of it. She said I could pick it up in three days I cant wait to show my husband. It has my belly button and everything in it. I'll take a pic when I get mine back but here is what a belly cast look likes. The top picture is unfinished. The bottom picture is finished and sanded. You can also have it painted with a mural of the babies name, length weight. I plan to have my just sanded and leave natural.


  1. You are getting big Momma and looking great!! I made a belly cast when I was pregnant as well, but I ordered the supplies and my husband and I made it in our living room. It was definitely a messy procedure, but something worth having and so much fun to make. Definitely a bonding experience between all 3 of us. I think I posted pictures of it at the beginning of my blog, but I put Cameron's little footprints on it along with his name, date he was born and his weight and length. Attached a blue ribbon and I have it hanging in our bedroom. A WONDERFUL keepsake and definitely a cherished item in our household.

  2. I found your blog and I love it!!! I love the belly casting what a neat keepsake!!! You have an adorable belly and you are soo close!! I love his room, it is soo adorable!!!

  3. awwww I wished I had done this with my bellies boohoo!!! your belly looks so beautiful, no stretch marks just beautiful belly!!! :)

  4. I found your blog via Jennisa and I love it! I wish I would have done a belly cast with my 2..maybe with my next!

    Where did you find that adorable monkey onsie in your earlier post? I absolutely love it and also have a hard time finding cute boy onsies!


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